1981 Best Picture Nominees

1981 Best Picture Nominees

The 1981 Academy Awards were held on February 27th, and there were seven Best Picture nominees. “The Elephant Man” was nominated eight times, followed by “Raging Bull”, which received seven. “Ordinary People”, which received a sixth nomination but won four major awards, also received a nomination. It won the Best Picture award, as well as Best Director and Best Screenplay awards. The film also made Robert Redford one of only six men to win Best Director for his debut. Timothy Hutton also made history as the youngest Best Supporting Actor, beating out Jason Robards.

The 1981 Best Picture nominations were mostly dominated by the blockbusters from the 1980s. Remakes of popular books were among the most popular films. The list also included several foreign language films, including “Reds”, and “Silver Linings,” both of which won Best Foreign Language Film.

For the third year in a row, Johnny Carson hosted the ceremony and referred to a near tragedy that had taken place the year before. President Ronald Reagan supported the event and pre-taped the opening monologue. Despite the film’s high profile, the ceremony was quite bland and contained few surprises.

Another classic was “The Grapes of Wrath”, a film about a gay couple. The movie won an Oscar for its lead actress, Susan Sarandon. While the film is filled with sentimentality, the performances are still quite good. Nominated for supporting roles were also some supporting actresses.

Raiders, another 1980s film, had twelve nominations and won three Oscars. It also won for Best Director and Best Cinematography. It was over three hours long and grossed $40 million in 1981, which would be over $100 million today. And in 1981, Ronald Reagan had just been elected president.

“The Beach” was another film that didn’t win a Best Picture Award. However, it was a significant movie. The film’s opening with Vangelis’ score won over critics. It also earned more than ten times its production cost, making it one of the most successful films of the year. It was an incredible film for the Olympics and the American public was delighted to see it after it was boycotted by France.

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