2003 Best Picture Nominees

2003 Best Picture Nominees

This year’s Best Picture nominations included some great movies from a wide range of genres. Many critics praised Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood”, while others praised Joel Coen, Ethan Coen’s and “No Country For Old Men”. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was also praised by critics. It was nominated in four Oscar categories, including best foreign-language film.

These movies had their successes but also some low points. For example, Midnight Cowboy scored a lower Metascore than many of the other Best Picture nominees. Despite this, the film was nominated for Best Picture, and it was in the same category as Hello, Dolly! and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Although there were some interesting nominees for Best Picture in the nominations, the winners were mostly predictable. The most awards went to “Brokeback Mountain”, directed by Ang Lee, starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga and Jason Bateman. The film was also nominated for best director.

While “Rocky” took home the Best Picture award, it was no match for “Taxi Driver” and “All the President’s Men” in the Best Director category. Critics still preferred Tom Cruise’s sequel to “The Godfather”, “Titanic.” Despite a weak opening weekend, the film won 11 Oscars, including Best Director.

Another movie that did very well in the nominations was Cold Mountain. Cold Mountain had all the ingredients that an Oscar winner would need: an epic scale, a popular source book, an award-winning director and a great star and actor. The film was also nominated by the Producers Guild.

Some of the best acting performances in this year’s Best Picture nominations will likely be in the category of Best Actress. Julianne Moore, Meryl Steep, and Julianne Moor are all expected to be nominated in this category. Others will likely be left out.

Seabiscuit was another film with strong adult numbers. It was expected to compete in the Best Animated Film and Best Picture categories, but critics praised it for its performance as a biographical drama. The film received excellent reviews for its solid cast. It also won the People’s Choice Award.

Call Me By Your Name was also nominated for Best Picture in 2003. Stuhlbarg’s eloquent emotional monologue is reminiscent of Judy Greer’s in rom-coms. Audiences were moved to tears by his performances in “Call Me by Your Name”.

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