3 Fontana Daycare Staff Arrested

3 Fontana Daycare Staff Arrested in Death of a Toddler

If you are a parent, you may be concerned about the investigation that is taking place into the daycare provider at the Fontana, CA facility where a toddler died. The child was found to have been strangled to death by an amber teething necklace. While at the facility, he was cared for by a staff that routinely exceeded the licensed number of children.

Investigators believe the staff did not call 911 when the toddler stopped breathing. Instead, they waited for the owner of the facility, Deborah Jimenez, to come to the scene. Moreover, the mother of the toddler believed that the staff at the facility did not tell her exactly what happened. She believes that they are not telling the truth about the death of her son.

On the morning of October 31, 2016, Danielle Morin dropped her son, Deacon, off at the Little Impressions Daycare in Fontana, CA. When she arrived to pick him up a few hours later, she noticed that he was unresponsive. After confirming that he was not feeling, she decided to take him off life support. However, she was later shocked to find that he was dead.

Later, investigators from the Fontana Police Department began investigating the daycare facility, and they found that the center had a lot more children than it had been allowed by law. For example, the center was permitted to care for no more than four infants at a time. But, the facility was found to have at least 12 children present.

The investigation into the daycare provider is ongoing. Detectives have found several violations, including not having any locks on the sheds in the backyard where fertilizer and insecticides are stored. Additionally, the center does not conduct criminal background checks on employees.

According to the state agency that regulates daycares, the facility was operating against the rules, and the staff was creating safety concerns for the children. There were also personal impact and health violations. In addition, the facility had 13 citations in 2015.

Although a cause of death has not yet been determined, the daycare provider has been accused of failing to provide proper care to the toddler. As a result, the state suspended the license of the facility.

Another daycare provider has been arrested as well. Rudie Megan Maldonado was arrested for the child abuse. This was one of the staff members who was accused of strangling the baby to death. Maldonado was arrested on $100,000 bail.

Currently, there is a lawsuit against the two daycare providers for the death of the toddler. Specifically, it is against Jimenez Family Child Care and the Marriott Family Childcare. Both facilities are owned by Jimenez.

Until this case is resolved, parents are encouraged to avoid any daycare facility that does not conduct criminal background checks. However, it is unclear if there will be more victims found. It is also not clear if the owner of the facility, Jimenez, will be charged.

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