Aaron Pico Net Worth

Aaron Pico is an internationally-recognized celebrity. He achieved success through hard work and determination; serving as an example to young people worldwide.

Born September 26, 1996 in Whittier, California and currently 27 years old. As an MMA fighter he earns significant sums from both fighting career and sponsor money while expanding his brand value rapidly.

Early Life and Education

Aaron Pico was born in Whittier, California USA to seven-generation Californio parents and is direct descendent of Pio Pico who served as Mexican Governor of California before him.

He was an accomplished wrestler, winning numerous public and global championships in various weight classes – two Junior World Championship medals in his age group being among them. Now fighting in Bellator’s featherweight division.

He is married to Kylie Chacon and the two share one child named Valentino Pico. He enjoys a close bond with his family as evidenced by not desiring flashy items such as Lamborghinis. Instead he prefers spending quality time with them instead. They reside in Whittier with their son where he enjoys horseback riding in his free time.

Professional Career

Aaron Pico joined Bellator MMA as one of its long-term special projects with both wrestling and amateur boxing experience, making him an ideal fit in MMA. A seventh generation Californian and great-great-great grandson of Pio Pico himself, Aaron is no stranger to the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

He boasts an extensive wrestling career that includes two world championship titles in Greco-Roman and folkstyle wrestling at both cadet and freestyle levels, in both cadet and freestyle wrestling styles. Furthermore, he won both US national championships at both cadet and junior levels respectively in Greco-Roman wrestling, defeating eventual Dan Hodge Trophy recipient Zain Retherford both times!

Kylie Chacon and he have been happily dating since high school, and live a blissful existence together. Wrestling has provided him with much of his wealth and income.

Achievement and Honors

His success in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has garnered him numerous awards and honors, while he enjoys spending his free time caring for both dogs and horses in his free time.

Pico has taken his talent all around the globe, but says his closest relationships make him a stronger fighter. At home in Whittier, Pico enjoys doing simple things such as drinking coffee with his brother or dining out.

Pico is an incredible wrestler, having won US National Championships in freestyle, folkstyle and Greco-Roman wrestling – as well as competing at the 2016 Olympic Trials for his weight class. These are remarkable accomplishments considering all the athletes he’s defeated along his path – they illustrate his potential to become one of the superstars of this sport.

Personal Life

Aaron Pico is a seventh generation Californian and direct descendent of Pio de Jesus Pico, the last Mexican Governor of California. Raised in middle class Whittier by Anthony, who sold medical products, and Gina (his mother). Both provided him with a Catholic yet liberal upbringing.

Valentino lives a peaceful existence with Kylie and prefers to keep their family life out of the media spotlight.

He doesn’t care much for cars or anything too extravagant; his dream is to purchase a horse ranch with his family, which means daily horseback rides before training at the gym and relaxing by surfing or swimming on its shores.

Net Worth

Aaron Pico, the seventh-generation Californio descendent of Pio de Jesus Pico – former Mexican Governor of California. Aaron holds multiple national and international freestyle wrestling championships.

He currently fights in the Bellator Fighting Championship featherweight division and his career has been extremely successful so far – as evidenced by an ever-increasing net worth.

His MMA career is his main source of income, and has proven extremely successful so far. Additionally, Nike have given him an exclusive sponsorship agreement which adds significantly to his net worth. Long-term aspirations is to own a horse ranch and start a family. Kylie Chacon is his wife; they share one son named Valentino; both live a private lifestyle rarely making headlines in the media.

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