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Adam Balance Review

Adam Equipment was established in 1972 to meet the needs of professionals worldwide with professional-grade balances and scales at competitive prices. Their mission is to deliver products with speed, performance and value.

PW analytical and PGW precision balances provide an ideal combination of speed and reliability, featuring large backlit displays with capacity trackers to help prevent overload incidents.

Early Life and Education

Adam began creating music at 11 years old using his Dad’s Ensoniq ESQ1 keyboard/sequencer to craft beats that ranged from hip-hop, R&B gospel and jazz genres. Soon artists from around the neighborhood would visit his house to record with him.

He put himself through college by loading trucks for UPS and graduated from Fordham University with a political science degree before enrolling at University of Washington Law School and passing his bar exam.

Adam Equipment manufactures quality weighing equipment and scales for laboratory, medical, retail, industrial, education markets worldwide. Their products can be found online via e-commerce stores such as Way Up Scales or through independent dealers like Way Up Scales that offer additional application sales support and technical services. Adam Equipment maintains strategically located facilities to offer storage support as well as sales and service support to their customers.

Professional Career

Adam Equipment offers high-quality balances and scales designed for professional applications across various fields of business. Their product lineup features analytical and precision laboratory balances as well as industrial/counting scales of various capacities.

Adam Equipment first established in 1972 in the UK has grown its network of offices to offer speed, performance and value across every continent.

Core portable compact balances are simple to operate, with simple text prompts and basic keypad with dual tare keys for quick weighing tasks. Their durable ABS housing makes cleaning quick and simple while protecting from spills; their three point ShockProtect overload protection feature guards against accidental overloading while their RS-232 and USB interfaces connect seamlessly with computers, printers, other devices as well as printing reports with date/time for GLP/ISO compliance purposes.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Balance has long been recognized for providing quality products at exceptional values. Their weighing equipment can be found across science, medicine, education and industrial applications – mechanical triple beam balances to analytical digital and semi micro balances as well as portable toploading scales and moisture analyzers are among their diverse lineup of offerings. Furthermore, Adam Balance boasts an international network of distributors which can provide additional sales support.

The TBB triple beam is an ideal tool for teaching mass measurement concepts in classroom environments, featuring sturdy metal housing and grade 304 stainless steel pan construction for long-term student use. Equipped with security slot to prevent theft and backlit graphic display with capacity tracker; additionally this series comes complete with an RS-232 interface to communicate with computer/printer communication as well as auto calibration with internal calibration weight as well as GLP/ISO printouts for added functionality.

Personal Life

Adam Equipment offers high-quality industrial and laboratory scales and balances at competitive prices for sale worldwide. Their responsive service and support network includes European, North American, Australian and Asian distribution centers offering warehouse services as well as technical, application sales support services to their customers.

Adam is best-known for his chart-topping podcasts, featuring lively discussions and debates with some of the world’s most captivating thinkers, creators, and achievers. Adam is dedicated to family life while Sara actively participates in her children’s schools.

Adam has long advocated for comprehensive immigration reform to keep families together under outdated laws, and is an enthusiastic proponent of legislation providing pathways to citizenship for all.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total assets that exceed liabilities in an individual’s financial portfolio and serves as their “balance sheet.” Net worth provides an overview of one’s financial health as well as helping set future financial goals.

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Adam Equipment provides industrial balances and laboratory scales to laboratories, schools, medical practices and retail outlets worldwide through distribution centers that offer technical, warehouse and sales support.

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