Adam Bertoch

Adam Bertoch

Adam Bertoch is both a Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, having practiced both fields at juvenile correctional facilities and residential treatment centers before opening his own private practice focusing on adolescent mental health, mood disorders, trauma/PTSD as well as addiction recovery. Together with his wife he lives in Spring Texas.

Early Life and Education

Adam Bertoch has over 13 years of experience counseling adolescents and families as both a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). Beginning his career at juvenile correctional facilities in Idaho and Texas before transitioning into residential treatment centers where he served as Director for Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs as well as Partial Hospitalization programs before eventually founding On the Mend Counseling as his private practice.

Adam approaches mental health from a desire to help individuals overcome struggles and heal relationships. He believes that clinical terms like depression, anxiety and trauma are not diseases but instead result from unmet expectations and perceived relational/attachment injuries or threats; so he encourages his clients to create personal healing centres of connection and belonging within themselves.

Professional Career

Adam Bertoch is a dual licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as Chemical Dependency Counselor who specializes in working with adolescents who are dealing with various issues. He directs dual diagnosis intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs at New Dimensions Day Treatment Center in The Woodlands, Texas as well as individual therapy, group therapy (including family/multi-family groups), individual psychotherapy sessions as well as multi-family sessions.

His experience counseling adolescents at juvenile correctional centers and residential treatment facilities in Idaho and Texas as well as working at a family therapy clinic has given him insight into the challenges adolescents often face. Psychopathology such as depression, anxiety and addiction is seen by him as responses to perceived relational/attachment injuries or threats that manifest themselves through psychopathology.

Longtime media relations professional for Brigham Young Athletics, she earned a 2021 CoSIDA Lifetime Achievement Award and numerous national and district honors over her 30-year career.

Personal Life

Adam Bertoch has dedicated his professional career to counseling people with alcoholism, drug dependency and other mental health concerns such as insomnia. He has extensive experience working in juvenile corrections facilities, residential treatment centers and family therapy clinics – giving him an in-depth knowledge of adolescents and their families’ struggles. He takes great interest in helping adolescents foster the relationships, integrity, spirituality, accountability, trust and forgiveness necessary for effective recovery. Adam is also a father to three daughters and husband to an incredible, creative wife – two factors which have allowed him to foster his deep interest and care for the relationship between parent and child. Adam is currently accepting new clients through Monarch’s website.

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