Adam Bingham

Adam Bingham, Podiatrist at CMH-OHSU Health Foot and Ankle Clinic in Seaside, Oregon

Adam Bingham serves as Group Commander at the world’s largest pilot training base and his Air Force career has taken him all over the world.

He holds both a master’s degree in strategic policy and over 3,700 flight hours logged. Additionally, he served on staff at the Pentagon.

Early Life and Education

Adam Bingham worked at Nachomammas and other area restaurants during high school to earn extra cash while studying. Though initially uninterested in cooking as a career path, Adam eventually enjoyed it immensely and took every chance available to learn from experienced chefs as well as reading recipes, following food blogs, and watching food-themed television programming.

Adam was eventually diagnosed with a learning disability and recommended repeating 10th grade. Concurrently, Adam participated in interscholastic sports such as football and wrestling while also engaging with MDT meetings; these athletic pursuits helped keep Adam on track academically while developing self-esteem.

Adam returned to Marshfield High School after finishing 10th grade and registered for football and wrestling, though this enrollment violated OSAA’s “eight semester rule”. Unfortunately, OSAA denied Adam a waiver request despite evidence of his learning disability.

Professional Career

Adam Bingham brings extensive expertise in business development/growth, operational/process optimization and financial modeling to each project he takes on, working closely with various clients to provide top-tier service while adding great value.

He currently serves as Commander of the 6th Air Refueling Wing at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. His responsibilities include providing worldwide combat air refueling mission support and installation operations to 16,900 personnel at MacDill as well as $2.8 billion worth of Base assets and properties.

Bingham never imagined himself becoming a chef when he started at Nachomamma’s, yet as he worked hard and learned as much as possible about food preparation, his passion for it blossomed. Now at Retreat Gastropub, Bingham has found ways to put his own signature spin on classic dishes while offering new ones for regulars to enjoy.

Achievement and Honors

Muhney, Hartley and Grossman from The Young and the Restless have each been nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for their portrayals of Adam Bingham in Season 13 as nominees of Adam Bingham. Additionally, each has received many other acting honors throughout their careers.

After discovering Adam is responsible for Delia Abbott’s hit-and-run death, Billy attempts to piece the facts together and convinces himself he killed her himself. To prove his point he kidnaps Adam and has Skye Lockhart (Laura Stone) pose as his wife; unfortunately their plan backfires when there is an explosion at a ball.

Adam reconciles with Chelsea and they take Newman Enterprises private once more. Adam later reveals that their son Connor is his, though Chelsea states she was never sure. Adam helps Chelsea escape to a cabin together with Connor.

Personal Life

Adam Bingham is a podiatrist at CMH-OHSU Health Foot and Ankle Clinic in Seaside, Oregon. A graduate of Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine in Iowa, Adam also belongs to both the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and American Academy of Podiatric Surgery.

Muhney and Hartley were nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for their performances as Adam in “ER”. Muhney made his first appearance as Adam on April 24, 1995.

Adam is the heir to Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)’s company, Chancellor Industries, but has an uneasy relationship with Victor Newman. After accidentally hitting Delia Abbott with his car, Adam attempts to cover up what occurred; later on he reconnects with Sharon and they become romantic partners.

Net Worth

Adam Bingham is a podiatrist at CMH-OHSU Health Foot & Ankle Clinic – Seaside. He earned his doctorate at Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Iowa before completing a residency at Oakwood Hospital System near Detroit in Michigan.

He enjoys traveling and biking as hobbies and spending time with his family; together he and his wife have three sons and one daughter.

In August 2016, Chloe returns to Genoa City and frames Adam for poisoning Constance Bingham. Adam flees with Chelsea and Connor to a cabin, eventually making the decision to abandon his identity as Gabriel and leave the country altogether.

Johnny Young returns to The Young and the Restless as an adult alongside his brother Noah (Johnny Young) in 2022, pairing off with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). However, their relationship is sometimes tenuous with Rafe Torres (Rafe Torres), with whom they once romantically involved one another;

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