Adam Blickstein

Tufts Students Debate Social Issues With Adam Blickstein

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Mitchell thanked Benko in his book and occasionally referenced his manuscript through footnotes, though most of the information presented came from Blickstein’s unpublished manuscript.

Early Life and Education

Tsipman and Blickstein hold similar political opinions despite their disparate worldviews, sharing respect for the US Constitution while being liberals. Together they often debate issues like Iraq War debates, social spending decisions and tax cutting strategies.

During class, both students are passionate in expressing and debating their opinions with one another in an engaging yet polite manner. Without resorting to name calling or personal attacks against their adversaries.

Outside of class, both are actively engaged in campus protests for issues like unionizing daycare workers and gay marriage, respectively. Their activism reflects a current national battle over culture that has stirred them both up – they represent one of the most divided generations ever!

Professional Career

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Both students are immersed in politics – Tsipman aspires to become a lobbyist while Blickstein seeks a career as a political journalist; both work for Republican Rod Jane’s state Senate campaign while Tsipman currently fields calls on his behalf, while Blickstein holds down an internship position at CNN’s Washington DC bureau as a freelance reporter. When discussing political climate differences arise between them; both share an overall sense of disillusionment about how divided our nation has become since September 11th terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001.

Achievement and Honors

Benko was an active participant in the International Piano Archives, an non-profit dedicated to the preservation of historic recordings. Working closely with Blickstein, they began writing liner notes for reissues sponsored by the Archives.

Mitchell completed his research and sent the Pachmann manuscript to Indiana University Press for publication, but six months later they informed him it wasn’t ready and instead accused him of plagiarism!

Mitchell utilized large parts of Blickstein’s work without his permission, though acknowledging it in both acknowledgements and bibliography. Furthermore, Mitchell included excerpts from articles without clearly citing their original source as sources for them in the body of text as citations.

Personal Life

Adam Blickstein and Polly were married for over 40 years. Together they raised five children – Brigid Donohue Chill and Nina Chill Donnelly as daughters as well as Madeline Camille Dewey Kai as four grandchildren – as well as four great-grandchildren.

Noteworthy is Mitchell’s use of this information and incorrect date for Pachmann quote as part of an unpublished manuscript presented to Indiana University Press by Benko as evidence against Mitchell as plagiarism. This was never published anywhere else and could only have been obtained through interviews with Blickstein’s sources, Leonide de Pachmann and Cesco Pallottelli; thus providing clear evidence of plagiarism.

Net Worth

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