Adam Bodony

Adam Bodony Takes Over As ARTistic Director of the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

Adam Bodony has taken over as artistic director of the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra after longtime music director Nicholas Hersh stepped down. Bodony earned bachelor’s degrees in religious studies and trombone performance from DePauw University as well as master’s degrees from IU’s Jacobs School of Music; additionally he studied conducting at St Petersburg Conservatory.

Early Life and Education

Adam Bodony was born January 1st 1983 and currently resides in Bloomington Indiana. He studied music at DePauw University before joining the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra as cover conductor and pre-concert lecturer from 2014-15.

Bodony will take over as artistic director from Nicholas Hersh and be responsible for leading rehearsals and concerts of the BSO, raising funds, leading a committee in selecting pieces to perform each season, fundraising initiatives and fundraising as needed.

Bodony holds multiple appointments at Purdue University: Assistant Professor of Music; conductor for both Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras, overseer for applied music program; Executive Artistic Director of New World Youth Orchestras of Indiana with 220 young musicians across state; as well as General Manager at BSO.

Professional Career

Bodony graduated with bachelor’s degrees in religious studies and trombone performance from DePauw University, Greencastle before attending Indiana University for graduate study in music performance. While in Bloomington he stayed close to Kitterman and New World Theatre by sitting in on rehearsals during this time.

In 2014, he was offered the position of artistic director designate at New World Youth Orchestras and currently conducts Bloomington Symphony, Philharmonic Orchestra at Purdue University West Lafayette as well as Wabash Valley Youth Symphony in Indiana. Additionally he serves as cover conductor and preconcert lecturer at Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Hot Summer Nights Music Festival.

Bodony has grown up within New World himself, so he understands its mission of supporting each student as an individual. He has helped them address a budgetary crisis while increasing membership and tuition payments.

Achievement and Honors

The Times-Mail describes Bodony as a talented young conductor who quickly earned the trust of the orchestra’s musicians. Bodony will lead rehearsals and concerts while also attending board meetings and taking an active part in fundraising initiatives, selecting new pieces for BSO repertoire addition.

BSO musicians have already extended a warm welcome, staging a performance featuring poetry from members of Writers Guild of Bloomington at their “Poetic License” concert held on February 15. This concert honored BSO’s new artistic director as well as his commitment to seeking out new works.

Bodony also works with Purdue University where he serves as assistant professor and director of orchestras, leading both Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras as well as overseeing its Applied Music program. Furthermore, he acts as artistic director of Wabash Valley Youth Symphony based out of West Lafayette.

Personal Life

Adam Bodony maintains an active social media presence, posting regularly about concerts, awards and musical education related topics. Involvement with numerous music organizations – such as Music For All which advocates for musical education in schools nationwide.

As Bloomington Symphony Orchestra’s newly appointed artistic director, he has already led rehearsals and concerts this week as an orchestra leader. Following an intensive audition process, The Times-Mail reports that they chose him due to his impressive resume and qualifications; such as having served as cover conductor with Missouri Symphony Orchestra as well as being a trombonist at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.

He currently resides in Fishers, Indiana with his wife and daughter and owns a home at 750 Sunblest Boulevard in Hamilton county.

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