Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford is an entrepreneur, business advisor and social activist. As the owner of Adam Bradford Agency – one of Queen Elizabeth II’s Young Leaders for advocating social business around the globe – Adam stands as an inspiration.

He established 3 Step Media while studying, producing educational resources and training on e-learning technology. 3 Step Media entered the BiG Challenge competition and won prizes for Best Existing Business and Best Marketing Campaign.

Early Life and Education

Early years are critical in shaping children’s physical, social and emotional development – both positive experiences and environments can set children on an effective course, while negative experiences and environments may have devastating results.

Education today is increasingly focused on equipping students for lifelong learning needs and raising awareness of early childhood education (ECE). According to UNESCO, ECE aims at meeting children’s social, emotional and cognitive requirements while simultaneously preparing them for primary school.

Adam Bradford has an avid interest in enhancing and enriching early learning experiences for young children and has worked as a professor, mentor, teacher and tutor in higher education. With expertise in English and philosophy as well as experience helping his students produce written words in English as a second language, Adam Bradford enjoys encouraging children to develop a passion for producing and analyzing written text.

Professional Career

Adam Bradford has amassed over 500 appearances across his professional career spanning top tier English football, and enjoys loan spells with Leeds United and Carlisle United before becoming an integral member of Middlesbrough under Aitor Karanka as their midfield player.

He is also an active writer, poet, and professor who enjoys helping students discover a passion for writing. His research and scholarship have earned numerous awards and nominations from institutions, such as Iowa’s presidential fellowship award as well as Florida Atlantic University Scholarly and Creative Arts Fellowship award nomination. When not studying or working he enjoys fishing and playing music in his free time – while remaining an ardent USC Trojan fan! Currently studying Political Economy and Sports Media Industries.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Bradford currently serves as Dean of Idaho State University’s Graduate School, responding to COVID-19 and leading transition towards virtual instruction, inaugurating their inaugural Virtual Research Symposium as well as other undertakings during his time there.

Dr. Alexander earned his doctorate at the University of Iowa before starting work as an assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University.

His accomplishments also include becoming a member of Phi Beta Kappa, one of America’s oldest academic honorary societies, and receiving its President’s Medal as recognition of his contributions.

Peter Romensko is also the creator and Chief Development Officer for D&D Beyond, an online tabletop RPG platform, as well as Demiplane (founded by him and former Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick) which provides player matchmaking. Both companies also provide live and interactive video capabilities as well as shared journals/inventory, dice rolling services and other features to users.

Personal Life

Adam Bradford is an rising junior at USC studying Political Economy and Sports Media Industries. A passionate supporter of USC football, Adam finds joy in all things related to USC’s athletic program.

Personal life refers to any activity undertaken outside of work and family commitments. This term encompasses activities such as hobbies, interests and relationships which remain private from others.

A fulfilling personal life does not just consist of finding rewarding employment; it should also include feeling supported in your community and remaining healthy. Most Americans are satisfied with their overall personal lives – including education, standard of living, housing and job satisfaction. But what brings the most contentment is finding peace within oneself rather than being measured on certain criteria.

Net Worth

Adam Bradford is a social entrepreneur and campaigner who has implemented numerous initiatives to support young entrepreneurs. Additionally, he possesses an immense passion for helping those experiencing mental health disorders and addiction to overcome them.

Born into an artistic family, he quickly demonstrated an aptitude for the arts as a child. Soon thereafter, film and television producers noticed his acting talent.

At one point in his career, he appeared in many movies and TV shows – most notably, Eight Is Enough where his popularity skyrocketed with viewers who recognized his unique pageboy haircut.

On January 7, 2023 at 54 years of age, he passed away peacefully at his Los Angeles residence without any reports of misdeed. No suspicion was cast upon any form of misconduct by those at TMZ who reported on his passing.

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