Adam Buckalew

Adam Buckalew – Congressman From Mississippi

Adam Buckalew is an experienced congressional aide who now heads alb solutions, an integrated strategic advisory firm. His senior experience can be found on multiple key committees within both houses of congress.

He drafted and helped negotiate the No Surprises Act, which put an end to unexpected medical billing, garnering widespread acclaim as one of the single greatest pieces of patient protection legislation of this century.

Early Life and Education

Adam Buckalew hails from Mississippi. After graduating from University of Southern Mississippi in 1987, he spent thirty years serving as director of instrumental music at Gulfport High School – also serving as an adjudicator at various marching and concert festivals across the U.S.

He has extensive experience working on major committees of both houses of Congress. One of his most rewarding efforts has been drafting, negotiating and passing the SUPPORT Act which combats opioid epidemic.

Buck is currently the founder of alb solutions – an integrated strategic advisory firm. He provides advice to Congressional decisionmakers regarding private and commercial health insurance regulations such as Obamacare (also commonly known). Buck frequently speaks on health care topics.

Professional Career

Buckalew, a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, has extensive congressional aide experience on key committees for both House and Senate legislation. Additionally, he founded alb solutions – an integrated strategic advisory firm.

Buck is most proud of his legislative achievements, particularly his work on the SUPPORT Act – a landmark law designed to combat opioid use disorder and end surprise medical billing for consumers. Additionally, he played an essential part in brokering the No Surprises Act that ended such practices.

Buck has also gained national acclaim as an educator of music education, garnering multiple awards and honors for his efforts. On two separate occasions he was named Mississippi Band Director of the Year by Mississippi Bandmasters Association as well as Phi Beta Mu.

Achievement and Honors

He has twice been recognized by the Mississippi Bandmasters Association as Outstanding Band Director of Mississippi and Gulf Coast, serving both states of Mississippi. Additionally, he is widely respected as an adjudicator at marching and concert festivals throughout Southeast United States and Phi Beta Mu (National Band Association).

He currently resides at 227 12th Street NE in Washington DC 20002, moving in approximately 2022.

He brings with him an extensive background in social media and marketing to Texas State University since 2018. As assistant director of development, he oversees social media, marketing, the Student Bobcat Club and game-day hospitality areas. A graduate from Dartmouth College with a magna cum laude degree in Anthropology and Environmental Science, his passion lies with both health and the environment.

Personal Life

Buck, an alum of University of Southern Mississippi, founded alb solutions, an integrated strategic advisory firm. He currently serves as professional staff member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Health Subcommittee; helping Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan formulate policy priorities as well as coordinate legislative and communication strategies.

Buckalew not only works on Capitol Hill but is also active as an adjudicator of marching band and concert festivals across the Southeast region. A member of Mississippi Bandmasters Association, Gulf Coast Band Directors Association and Phi Beta Mu, Buckalew lives with his wife in Washington DC with their daughter Nora where they enjoy dining out at Washington’s vibrant restaurant scene and are members of St Matthew’s Cathedral and Iron Gate churches.

Net Worth

Buck is an accomplished congressional aide with years of experience on key committees in both houses of congress. Currently he serves as health policy director for House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan where he advises on commercial health insurance plans as well as Obamacare implementation. Buck also founded alb solutions – an integrated strategic advisory firm. Furthermore he partners with Chaplin’s Restaurant & Bar which features themed ramen and cocktail offerings featuring silent film icon Charlie Chaplin as its theme.

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