Adam Burks

Adam Burks – American Civil Engineer and Husband of ESPN Analyst Jessica Mendoza

Adam Burks is an American engineer and husband to ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza. Additionally, he served in Desert Storm with the United States Marines.

They began dating in 2004 and tied the knot three years later in 2006. Since then, they have welcomed two children – Caleb and Cayden.

Early Life and Education

Adam Burks was born in the United States but, due to his desire for privacy, details regarding his childhood or parents have never been publicly released.

He completed high school in his hometown before enrolling at Eastern Washington University and later earning a bachelor’s degree in social science with an emphasis in education from Ashford University in San Diego, California.

He married Jessica Mendoza in 2006 and they have two sons together. Jessica Mendoza is an Olympic medalist and sports analyst for ESPN; additionally, she served on the board of directors of the National Education Association.

Professional Career

Burks is a Civil Engineer for the City of Moorpark in California. Prior to his professional career, he served in the US Marine Corp.

Since 2006, he has been married to Jessica Mendoza – an American sportscaster and former softball player.

Burks and Mendoza met at a Southern California wedding in 2004 and became parents to Caleb Ashton and Caden Adam shortly thereafter.

Mendoza lives near Camarillo with both of her parents who assist her in taking care of their two sons, according to a Los Angeles Daily News profile.

Gil Mendoza also served in the military. She and Burks have been married for five years and share two sons together; Burks is an outstanding father and husband with an open-hearted personality who actively contributes to social causes.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Burk is a social innovator and cultural architect. His work centers around helping individuals identify what truly matters and communicating it openly with the world.

He provides trainings and workshops, organizes events, and collaborates on custom projects. Additionally, he conceptualized and directs the Treehouse Institute – an experimental nonprofit which hosts TEDxDirigo as well as offering fellowship programs to young innovators.

He established the Portland Global Shapers Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum which brings young Portlanders together to apply global-inspired ideas in solving local problems. This hub forms part of their Global Shapers Community initiative.

Personal Life

Adam Burks is a former US Marine and civil engineer. In 2006 he married ESPN sports broadcaster Jessica Mendoza and they have two children together.

Caleb Ashton and Caden Adam, their sons. Caleb was born first, followed three years later by Caden Adam.

According to Mendoza’s wife, he is an individual who understands her thoughts and emotions and can count on for support when needed. Furthermore, he helps Mendoza keep both her career and children in order.

Since they first met at a wedding in Southern California in 2004, this couple have enjoyed a blissful relationship.

Net Worth

Burks was an active member of the United States Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm and held several key engineering roles during his service.

His wife Jessica Mendoza works for ESPN as an analyst and makes an annual salary of approximately $266,000 as such.

Sources indicate that Adam worked as a civil engineer until 2009, when he decided to stay home after giving birth. Although Adam has yet to divulge the exact amount he earned as an engineer, it is estimated he earned over $56,000 annually in this capacity.

Adam Burks appears to be an outstanding husband and father. He takes genuine pleasure in helping other people and is involved in various social causes.

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