Adam Chin

Adam Chin

Adam Chin specializes in medical, laser and surgical treatments of conditions affecting retina and vitreous. He provides treatment for conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, epiretinal membranes, macular holes and retinal detachments.

Erich has experience working with clients from varying backgrounds and activity levels – ranging from office workers to high-level athletes. He enjoys educating individuals about their injury while creating a plan to help speed their recovery time.

Early Life and Education

Adam brings extensive fund transaction experience, such as fund restructurings and preferred equity financings. He excels at managing legally complex transactions while taking an innovative yet practical approach when solving difficult problems.

Adam also boasts extensive experience representing financial institutions in bankruptcy matters. He played an instrumental role in successfully closing out an important bankruptcy case involving a distressed hedge fund, as well as numerous distressed debt restructurings and corporate restructures.

Outside of work, he enjoys an active lifestyle and taking full advantage of Vancouver’s picturesque playground, whether that means hitting up the gym, hiking trails, camping trips or discovering new restaurants and breweries with friends. Furthermore, he’s an avid photography fan, having studied darkroom photography under a local artist.

Professional Career

Adam has over twenty-five years of experience in investment management, strategic tax planning and retirement and estate planning. His strength lies in communicating complex scenarios and technical information in an easily understood manner to his clients.

Adam is both a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and massage therapist in Virginia, using strengths-based and holistic approaches to provide clients with a safe environment in which they can pursue their goals and create long-lasting change.

Adam enjoys leading an active lifestyle outside the clinic, whether that means going to the gym, mountain biking or running trails, golfing with friends or tasting one of Vancouver’s many breweries. Adam always makes time for his family and friends while being an advocate for all.

Achievement and Honors

Honors and Awards Committee at SEG takes great pleasure in honoring individuals and organizations for their contributions in geophysics and the Society. Nominations should be submitted no later than 1 January for consideration by this Committee, which then conducts investigations, deliberations sessions, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Adam Chin and Supriya Lal, two US intelligence agents stationed in India and Pakistan respectively, find themselves on an urgent mission: protecting a top Chinese General from being targeted by an overly vigilant government. However, doing so leads them through treacherous terrain populated by Islamic terrorists as well as allies willing to betray them for mere rupees – as well as confronting an evasive President who refuses to use all diplomatic or military means available to him.

Personal Life

Adam has a strong passion for helping others understand their injuries and create plans to manage them effectively. Outside the clinic he enjoys exploring Vancouver’s incredible playground by working out or hiking the trails with friends.

Adam also practices fine art photography. His works combine computer graphics with traditional photography and use neural networks trained on databases of real photography to render images. Prior to becoming a fine artist photographer himself, Adam worked at Pacific Data Images doing computer graphics lighting on films like Shrek, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon for Dreamworks Animation. Most recently exhibited at Photolucida Critical Mass 2022 was his Francis Bacon-like photograph purporting to depict someone eating sushi – showing signs of violence between shapes and colors that purports to portraying an imagined scenario between violent shapes and colors purporting to show him eating sushi himself – that purports to show him eating sushi himself!

Net Worth

He is one of the wealthiest Jamaicans with an estimated net worth of $10 billion, most likely amassed through investments such as National Commercial Bank Jamaica and AIC Limited. Additionally, he’s an active philanthropist, having contributed his time and funds to various Caribbean and Canadian non-profit organizations.

Adam Chin and Colonel Supriya Lal are unstoppable until they stumble across evidence of Iran’s secret gold mining operation to fund its illegal nuclear weapons program, leading them on an incredible chase from Tashkent through Istanbul to Tehran and beyond.

Tessanne Chin is an estimated net worth of $200 thousand as an Jamaican singer who made headlines with her appearance on Season 5 of The Voice and subsequent collaboration with various Jamaican artists including Jimmy Cliff.

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