Adam Glickman

Adam Glickman – A Man With a Wide Range of Interests

Adam Glickman boasts an impressive career. Through his work, he has helped numerous individuals.

Adam brings over 20 years of business management and quality engineering expertise. He specializes in developing ISO compliant systems and improving supplier quality while possessing proficiency in manufacturing processes as well as data-based solutions.

Early Life and Education

Adam Glickman began selling “Jumbo Brand Condoms” from his Tufts dorm room in 1989 under the mantra, “a safe jumbo is a happy jumbo.” Soon thereafter, upon graduation he established America’s first retail condom shop.

After spending 10 years growing his business, Glickman launched Bookboon USA in 2021 with the mission of distributing 75 million eBooks worldwide for personal and professional development. Furthermore, they provide their proprietary eLibrary for softskill and business education for mid and large sized organizations.

Since 2013, he has led AMG Realty Group as CEO. Over this time he has acquired over 4200 residential apartments for investors on behalf of himself and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of real estate investments such as acquisition, financing, rehab and asset management in numerous cities throughout North America and Canada.

Professional Career

Adam Glickman boasts a diverse background across industries. Currently he serves as founder and CEO of AMG Realty Group – a boutique real estate firm focused on investing, developing, and managing multi-family properties.

Adam has been involved with the design and construction of numerous notable buildings and infrastructure projects, such as the University of Akron Medical Center and several apartment complexes around Cleveland. Additionally, he co-founded a technology company specializing in hotel industry business intelligence solutions including labor management support systems; their innovative technological advancements earned them an award-winning solution and earned them respect as one of the most reputable names in their industry.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Glickman brings extensive leadership experience in the hospitality industry, with an expertise in premium, distinctive wellness-forward brands. He has led new-company business and marketing strategy development, formed strategic partnerships, and provided operational oversight for some of the world’s most recognizable hospitality brands.

At present, he serves as Principal at Parallax Wellness + Hospitality, an established partner that builds wellness brands and implements memorable hospitality brand concepts. Additionally, he founded Actabl Hospitality Solutions Company which offers data management, labor cost and profitability solutions for hotels worldwide.

Personal Life

Adam Glickman has enjoyed a long and successful career in real estate. As founding Partner and Managing Partner of AMG Realty Group, where he acquired over $140 Million of real estate for his investors.

He had served as CFO and Principal at Menora Financial where he gained invaluable experience investing in residential real estate on his own and gained unparalleled insight into investments, construction financing, asset management and asset oversight.

His lifelong advocacy of workers’ rights has played a critical role in the formation and expansion of several progressive organizations, such as SEIU 775 where he is Secretary-Treasurer as one of its founding employees; additionally he proudly sponsors both their Health Benefits Trust and Secure Retirement Trust as well as Carina (an online home care job matching service).

Net Worth

Adam Glickman is the Managing Partner and Founder of AMG Realty Group. He oversees all aspects of its investment strategy including acquisition, financing, rehabilitation and ongoing asset management.

Beginning his real estate career with Dream Kitchens Inc., where he learned all aspects of investing, building, and owning residential real estate.

Since 2007, he has invested independently and now boasts over 4200 residential apartments in his portfolio.

Adam Glickman is also the co-founder and CEO of Bookboon USA, an industry leading eBook provider for soft skill and business education, providing over 75 million eBooks each year to his diverse clientele.

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