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Adam Hodge Net Worth

Adam Hodge is an associate professor of history at Lourdes University. He offers courses on American and other related subjects.

His research centers around the history of environmental and indigenous communities in North America. His works have appeared in multiple journals and books.

Early Life and Education

Adam is the name given in the Bible to the first human, yet can also refer to all people globally. It has numerous underlying meanings and is sometimes used to refer to collective humanity.

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Hodge was charged with eight felony counts of child abuse in April and pled guilty at his sentencing hearing in Pulaski County Circuit Court which lasted three hours before receiving his 10-year jail sentence.

Professional Career

Adam Hodge has established himself as an outstanding performer across both film and television platforms, proving popular as Alec Hardison in TNT’s hit show Leverage (2008).

His performance was also noteworthy in the eco-terrorism thriller The East (2013), co-starring alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Elliot Page. Furthermore, he won many accolades for his groundbreaking role as MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton (2015) – earning multiple awards along the way.

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Achievement and Honors

Hodge first gained recognition for his portrayal of Alec Hardison on TNT’s Leverage series, for which he earned an Emmy nomination. Later he would go on to star in Fox Searchlight’s eco-terrorism thriller The East which won first prize at Sundance Film Festival and ultimately became Netflix’s most-viewed film ever.

Hodge has distinguished himself not only as an actor but also as an outstanding communications strategist. He has worked on various high-profile government and business initiatives, serving as both Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the U.S. Treasury Department and Communications Director at the Democratic National Committee respectively – leading teams of senior communications experts to advise numerous officials as well as business leaders during his time there.

Personal Life

Hodge has long been seen as an advocate for Black representation in Hollywood, appearing in such projects as Underground, Hidden Figures, City on a Hill and Straight Outta Compton. After taking smaller roles throughout his childhood and teenage years, Hodge finally earned his break out role with Leverage at age 21 and hasn’t looked back since.

Johnson’s latest venture is Black Adam, an adaptation of DC Comics character Hawkman that stars Dwayne Johnson. Although some viewers might find it too complicated for their tastes, it remains an exciting action film and has got Black superhero fans talking!

He didn’t want to reveal too much, but it seems as though he was excited at the chance to play Carter Hall in Black Adam, an adventurer who is the modern-day reincarnation of ancient Egypt’s Pharaoh Khufu. And this film serves as a timely reminder that there’s a thriving world of Black superheroes out there.

Net Worth

Hodge has amassed a net worth of $10 Million through over 10 years in the entertainment industry and his successful career. He has appeared in both films and television shows.

He has appeared in Leverage, A Good Day to Die Hard, Straight Outta Compton and Big Momma’s House as well as Girlfriends and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on television.

Hodge is married and proudly raises two children: James Matthew and Olivia Rose – whom he shares a romantic bond with and spends quality time with regularly.

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