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Adam Hurt hails from St Paul, Minnesota and is widely considered one of the finest modern practitioners of old time banjo music. Combining elements from various traditional idioms into his elegant clawhammer banjo style.

He is an esteemed educator, regularly leading workshops in old time banjo and fiddle music around the country. Additionally, he performs with Beth Williams Hartness in their duo act that features clawhammer banjo and fiddle playing as they perform clawhammer banjo duo sets.

Early Life and Education

Adam Hurt was born in Billings, Montana to two classical musicians who both attended Montana state colleges for music performance.

At the University of Minnesota, he majored in biochemistry and biology before eventually going on to become a veterinarian.

He worked both as a veterinarian and as an obstetrician-gynecologist, and endured many tragedies during this time.

One such momentous occasion occurred when one of his clients died due to placental abruption.

As soon as this occurred, he began abusing his patients by prescribing opioids without their knowledge and then taking these unauthorized prescription for himself.

After being fired, he relocated to Montana and opened a veterinary clinic, at which he stole drugs from patients and led to the revocation of his medical license.

Professional Career

Lambert has also established himself as an accomplished musician through his band Lambert and gained an excellent reputation for creating quality music – most recently through their album Trespassing released in 2012. This achievement marks an accomplishment worthy of note for an openly gay musician such as himself.

Adam also boasts an esteemed legal career at Cleary Gottlieb LLP where he serves as one of the founding partners. At this firm he advises clients on capital markets offerings and liability management transactions as well as regulatory/legislative developments within this space as well as alternative asset/hedge fund governance strategies and best practices. A master at finding effective solutions to his clients’ most pressing problems, Adam is frequently author and speaker on all matters pertaining to capital markets & related matters.

Achievement and Honors

Adam had an exceptional career in film production design. He became famous for creating innovative and semi-futuristic sets for James Bond films during the 60s and 70s.

He received two Academy Awards for art direction and designed the supertanker set used in Michael Caine’s cult spy flick The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Additionally to designing film sets, he served in World War II as a pilot.

Adam, as a German citizen, could have been interned as an enemy alien; instead he joined the British military in October 1940 as part of its Royal Pioneer Corps support unit for Axis countries that accepted these individuals without security risks being considered as potential liabilities.

Personal Life

Adam was deeply committed to his faith throughout his life. At an early age, he started telling others about Jesus while walking from village to village asking them if they would read the Bible with him and pray together.

John Wesley was originally mocked in school until John Wesley visited his class and accepted as a Methodist. Since then he has become one of England’s leading Methodists whose name has become synonymous with religious devotion.

As a prosecutor, Hur specialized in high-profile domestic terrorism and public corruption cases. He represented several notable figures from Baltimore – such as its former mayor and two state legislators.

Net Worth

Adam Hur is a talented singer and actor who made his debut on American Idol reality show. Since then, his exceptional singing and acting talents have captured many fans’ hearts; which led him to become one of the world’s most successful artists with an estimated net worth estimated at $20 Million as of 2021.

He was born under the star sign of Pisces to parents who had been married 20 years prior to giving him a sister named Rachel. Additionally, his grandparents include Dr. Jan and Diane Pol and Thomas and JoAnne Butch; all loving people whom had bright futures ahead of them but tragically passed away at 23.

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