Adam Kenworthy Plane Crash

Adam Kenworthy and His Dad David Kenworthy in a Plane Crash in Iowa

A plane crash was reported in Iowa last week. While the details of the incident are not well publicized, a report from KCCI claims that two men were involved. One, David Kenworthy, was piloting a small biplane, while the other, Adam Kenworthy, was a passenger. The men were rescued by emergency responders, who transported both of them to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines. However, neither was seriously injured. The National Transportation Safety Board is now conducting an investigation into the crash, and West Des Moines police are keeping an eye on the area until Saturday, according to a statement issued by the city.

One thing is for sure, the front end of the plane was a complete mess. But thankfully, both men are alive and doing better. According to a statement released by the city, the front end of the aircraft was the only part of the plane that was damaged. Both men were conscious and talking when emergency responders arrived.

The other big news is that Adam’s dad, David Kenworthy, is hospitalized and expected to make a full recovery. According to reports, the pilot was a 65-year-old private pilot from Des Moines. He was attempting to land the small plane, but the aircraft was in a state of emergency, and he was unable to do so. Before the crash, Kenworthy had reported that the engine was having trouble, so the two men were trying to land the plane on a farm field. Apparently, the front end of the airplane broke, but it is possible the men were able to avoid landing on an apron, which is an open piece of land in a field.

The accident is the first time Kenworthy’s father has been in a plane accident. In fact, it was the first time that Adam and his father were in a plane together. That is because the pair had taken off on a sightseeing trip. They were flying a private plane owned by the Oakwood Group LLC, and were going to a sightseeing spot in the Iowa cornfields.

Adam, a former Des Moines resident, now lives in New York City, where he works as a chef and is dating Carole Radziwill. During the past year, the couple became romantically involved. After the crash, Radziwill offered an update on the incident. She also thanked fans for their support, and said that she and her husband were still in communication about their son’s condition.

One interesting tidbit from the crash is that both the pilot and the son of the pilot were conscious and talking at the time of the crash. Another interesting tidbit is that the front end of the plane was actually destroyed, but the front section was a piece of plywood that was cut out. It is unclear how the men survived the crash, but it is likely the plywood was the only thing that was saved.

Apparently, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are now conducting an investigation into the incident. While the initial crash report claimed that the aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, the FAA has stated that the incident was the first time a plane had been reported to have crashed in Iowa.

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