Adam Lambay

Adam Lambay, Executive Chef at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, Creates a Diabetic-Friendly Cooking Show

Adam Lambay is an executive chef at Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark and Chaumette Vineyards & Winery, as well as being living with diabetes himself. Utilizing his culinary expertise, Adam demonstrates how to prepare delicious diabetic-friendly dishes that his viewers will find irresistible!

He offers Moka with Pupper as one of his signature dishes – an Indian version of scrambled eggs served with fried flatbread as an introduction to Indian cuisine for those unfamiliar with its offerings.

Early Life and Education

Two years ago, Lambay of Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark and Robin Orvis, an expert diabetes educator from Jefferson College-Arnold where Lambay taught, met at a cooking class specifically tailored towards diabetics held by Jefferson College-Arnold and discussed creating a public television cooking show that could address food insecurities in society.

Lambay won a nationwide competition to create Adam’s Indian Inspired videos for Nine PBS Create channel (channel 9.4 Spectrum 184) on Nine PBS Channel’s channel 9.4 Spectrum 184. His 10-episode series premiered October 17 and includes recipes that represent “fusion cuisine with familiar dishes for diners,” according to Lambay. Two episodes will premiere each week through Nov. 17. Runner-up Dennis Perez of Tampa, Florida prepared Cuban food in three of his videos as runners up.

Professional Career

Since graduating from Sullivan University, Lambay has worked in high-end restaurants. Now living in St. Louis he takes great pleasure in playing an active role as chef, cooking instructor and husband/father/son. His culinary knowledge encompasses numerous styles and nationalities.

“Moka With Pupper,” an Indian twist on traditional scrambled eggs, recently impressed judges of this year’s Create Cooking Challenge. Public television played an influential role in his desire to become a chef; Julia Child and Martin Yan were two major influences for him.

Adam Lambay will debut his new series this fall on Nine PBS Create’s digital platform. The series promises to be engaging for those unfamiliar with Indian food by featuring recipes that combine elements from various cuisines – known as fusion cooking – while offering familiar dishes.

Achievement and Honors

Chef Aguirre was awarded first place at the Create Cooking Challenge, an online talent contest run by public television for home cooks and professional chefs alike who want to produce digital video series for DIY and lifestyle multicast channels. Create provides top-ranked contestants with prize money to produce their series and works with local stations to promote them on TikTok and other platforms. Nine PBS in St. Louis promoted Lambay’s series by hosting him at an onsite food and wine event, according to a spokesperson at Nine PBS in St. Louis. Adam Lambay and Robin Orvis of Richmond Hill, Ontario received $4,000 to produce Adam Lambay’s Indian Inspired, an online series of 10 cooking shorts which debuted Oct. 17. Another winner is Dennis Perez of Tampa, Florida who will create three short video shorts featuring Cuban cuisine.

Personal Life

Chef Adam Lambay’s personal experience as a diabetic inspires him to craft delicious dishes that combine spices and flavors with wine, while sharing his expertise about ways to cut back on carbohydrates while still finding delicious diabetic solutions.

He impressed judges at this year’s Create Cooking Challenge with his dad’s Moka with Pupper recipe – described by him as scrambled eggs with an Indian flare – made famous by Chef Pauf and Paufette of Moka with Pupper fame. Based out of St Louis, where they also provide cooking classes specifically tailored towards diabetics.

Robin Welch Orvis, executive producer of Create’s how-to series, first met Lambay when attending one of his classes and was so taken by what she saw that she offered him a production deal for A Life Well Eaten on Oct 17th on the channel’s website. The 10-episode show premiered October 17th!

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