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Artist Profile – Adam Lupton

Adam Lupton’s work oscillates between emotional and pictorial. By probing personal and collective assumptions and dismantling culturally powerful symbols and mythologies, his pieces explore anxiety and isolation on an individual and societal scale.

Lupton’s paintings reflect his evolving emotions and actions resulting from OCD in some familiar yet distant environments, using variations or alternative versions of himself, along with stamps, printmaking techniques and craft paint application – techniques reminiscent of how OCD governs his life.

Early Life and Education

Born and educated in Vancouver, Canada, he holds both a bachelor’s and Master of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design respectively. Additionally, his works explore personal and social psychology within contemporary society.

His paintings resemble hallucinatory journeys into his mind. With their distorted perspectives and abstracted figures, they give an emotional deja vu to viewers.

His art stems from OCD, an anxiety-inducing condition which forces him to perform mental and physical rituals to feel assured. He expresses this behavior through printmaking and paint application techniques in his painting work, creating narratives which explore identity issues such as masculinity, domesticity and loneliness in our modern-day society.

Professional Career

His work balances between emotional and visual exploration by probing individual and collective assumptions and mining culturally potent symbols and mythologies. By exploring multiple themes and narratives layered upon one another, his aim is to break away from prescriptive visual results; often giving subjects antithetical functions or hollowed-out signifiers void of their conventional significance thus disorienting form and content and destabilizing affect of form and content. Drawing inspiration from Plato’s Allegory of Cave metaphor, his works seeks to reconceptualize how viewers navigate their reality by challenging both visual representation and emotional interpretation.

Lupton has competed in the SRL for several seasons and looks forward to competing at Kern County Raceway’s 1/2-mile circuit. His results at Kern County were impressive in previous SRL races there – he earned two top five finishes last year and one runner-up finish in 2020!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Lupton’s portfolio showcases remarkable versatility. While his style and themes vary considerably, they all depict mental processes with striking accuracy. Adam Lupton has displayed his works internationally at venues like SomoS Arts Berlin and GR Gallery New York NY.

His recent work draws inspiration from the ritual behaviors that characterize OCD. It depicts the repetitive and frantic emotions associated with his intrusive thoughts using stamp and transfer-based applications to illustrate them. At GR gallery’s current exhibition “Cerberus”, his body of work investigates anxiety around decision-making by exploring social rituals, spiritual schizophrenia and our need for certainty; with 18 oil and acrylic paintings included.

Personal Life

Adam Lupton is an artist renowned for his works utilizing different media. His signature pieces depict people experiencing emotional states against subtle backgrounds; often juxtaposing stark figures against delicate tones. Adam employs stamping and monotype-esque painting transfers which gives each work its own distinctive look and feel.

Adam Lupton’s artwork blurs the emotional and pictorial, exploring personal and collective assumptions and hollowing out culturally potent symbols and mythologies in order to explore individual and societal anxiety and isolation. By approaching different layers of themes he hopes to avoid prescriptive visual results while using Plato’s cave as inspiration to try and alter viewers’ interpretation of reality and ideology through visual representation as well as emotional interpretation of his pieces.

Net Worth

Peter Lupton currently boasts a net worth of $1.5 million. His income comes from painting, writing, acting and other creative activities; specifically painting. Peter specializes in portraying various emotions and thoughts through one canvas by employing his unique blurring technique which creates multiple moments on one picture.

Lupton hails from Vancouver Canada and studied at Emily Carr University before moving to New York where he received an MFA degree. His works have been showcased internationally at shows like Gradually Then Suddenly at SomoS Arts Berlin Germany; Cerberus at GR Gallery New York; and ‘Beyond Figuration’ at Cheng Xi Center for Contemporary Art Beijing China.

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