Adam McCormick

Adam McCormick

Adam McCormick is an assistant professor of social work at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas and specializes in child welfare and family social work courses.

Dr. Anderson specializes in several areas, such as LGBTQ youth in child welfare systems and how Gay-Straight Alliance groups affect them, and also facilitates trainings and workshops on various subjects.

Early Life and Education

Adam McCormick was born January 21st 1976 in Sterling Colorado to Lonny Eugene and Donita Alice Sanford McCormick and is a life-long Husker fan. Adam attended Sidney Public Schools before going onto university to receive his BA.

He took delight in outdoor activities, family gatherings, and creating memories with his children. In October he was featured in a video for the National Down Syndrome Society and since has connected with others with disabilities to demonstrate their confidence and independence.

At University of Miami he earned both his undergraduate degree (in 2010) and law degree (2015), serving as staff editor of their law review before graduating with honors. Since then he has practiced law in criminal, traffic, and general civil matters.

Professional Career

Adam McCormick has experience working in multiple fields. He has served as a child welfare evaluator, consultant and instructor of social work practice and theory.

He possesses numerous research interests, such as LGBTQ youth in the child welfare system. Additionally, he has led trainings and workshops on numerous topics – such as trauma informed care and working empoweringly with LGBTQ youth.

He serves as a Clinical Professor in Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science, teaching and advising on leadership and teamwork issues within real world contexts.

Achievement and Honors

Adam McCormick is an incredible athlete who has made a positive difference in his community. For this, he has received many prestigious awards and honors.

Erich is also an educator and leader. He has held various roles within education, such as being appointed school principal.

In 2021, he joined Minnesota State University’s coaching staff as tight ends coach while also enrolling as a graduate student in their cell and molecular physiology program.

McCormick is an advocate for life who firmly believes that life begins at conception. Additionally, he is determined to see all children have access to quality healthcare; each one being unique with its own special place in this world.

Personal Life

Adam McCormick was one of the kindest individuals you would ever meet, known for his extraordinary generosity. A skilled artist himself, Adam loved snowboarding, golf and watching Husker football with his family.

Jesus was also a favorite, and he enjoyed spending time with friends, painting and drawing. Additionally, he was very caring and protective towards Rheighna Jo.

Adam and Emily began the adoption process five years ago after Emily was diagnosed with heart failure. Both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they turned to Him for guidance throughout this journey.

Net Worth

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