Adam Meighen

Adam Meighen

Adam Meighen is both an attorney and former prosecutor with vast experience representing clients in financial and violent felony cases, providing comfort during difficult times. His compassionate yet friendly personality allows for successful representation.

As a legal advisor for domestic violence survivors, he understands the complexities involved with intrafamily relations and abuse.

Early Life and Education

Adam Meighen was born in St. Mary’s, Ontario, and received his education and law degree at Toronto. Later he relocated to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and practiced law there.

Meighen first entered Parliament as a Member of Robert Borden’s cabinet in 1908 and held various cabinet posts – such as solicitor general. By 1920 he had become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

However, during his first term as president he failed to keep the nation together. Support among farmers and labourers for him eroded due to events like the Winnipeg General Strike, farm tariffs, and his wartime conscription policy.

Meighen made his return to politics in 1926 when he attempted to form a minority government following Mackenzie King and his Liberals’ resignation. Unfortunately, Meighen could not overcome Quebec and Western weakness within his party and was ultimately ousted from office by Mackenzie King and his followers.

Professional Career

Adam Meighen specializes in commercial litigation and franchise law. He has represented banks, manufacturers, franchisors and other private and public entities in complex commercial disputes.

Negotiated and litigated numerous precedent-setting cases such as class actions, contract disputes and fraud allegations. His expertise was recognized by organizations such as the Ontario Bar Association and Benchmark Litigation Canada as a top practitioner in his field.

Adam suspects he may have hit Delia while driving on a dark road while drunk, yet doesn’t inform anyone or report the matter until later being charged and sentenced for her murder.

He later reconciles with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) and plans to relocate with her to Paris; however, Victor steps in and sues for custody of their son Connor instead, keeping the two in Genoa City.

Achievement and Honors

Adam is an attorney with experience in multiple areas of law. His sensitivity and pleasant demeanor enable him to provide outstanding services to his clients while his keen eye for detail and superb negotiating skill allow for exceptional representation.

He currently sits on the board of Stonewall Sports Chicago and volunteers with Chicago Alliance for Animals, while also remaining an active member of Chicago Bar Association – having recently served a two-year term on its Board of Managers.

As a founding member and contributor to the Illinois State Bar Family Law Section newsletter, he has gained invaluable insight into the legal needs of his community members. Furthermore, he currently serves as host committee chair of the annual Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network benefit.

Personal Life

Adam Meighen was born September 2, 1976 in Cambridge and died December 11, 2022 at 46 years of age, leaving behind a wife and three children who survive him.

Meighen attended the University of Toronto before practicing law in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. In 1913 he became solicitor general, serving in this capacity during Sir Robert Borden’s wartime Union government.

Following Borden’s resignation in 1920, Meighen became leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. During his first term he opposed renewal of Anglo-Japanese alliance; upheld Canada’s tariff policy; and worked to expand Canada’s role in world affairs; however he was ultimately unsuccessful at uniting Canada before losing power in 1921.

Net Worth

Adam Meighen is a highly esteemed industry leader who enjoys great respect among his peers and colleagues in financial services. He has formed relationships with top leaders within his industry while serving as a dependable mentor to his employees.

Estimating his estimated net worth at $10 Million, he is an active community member who supports several charitable causes. He recognizes the significance of diversity in leadership and thought processes – an approach he learned while attending Huron University College where he served on both its Student Council and Sigma Chi chapter.

Adam became involved with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), who believed she miscarried. Adam became angry and gaslighted her by dressing as Sabrina to scare her away; eventually stealing and naming Faith her daughter instead – something later revealed to be true when Faith turns up living with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case).

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