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Grand View Apartments – Adam Miscik

Adam Miscik is a South Tampa professional living in a high rise who selected Grand View because it provides him with stunning panoramic views of downtown Tampa.

He boasts both private dry dock storage and an ideal South Tampa location in his turnkey condo that he purchased in 2014. He feels extremely proud to call it home.

Early Life and Education

If you follow IUP and PSAC baseball, then the name Miscik should be familiar to you. It dates back to IUP’s early days when brothers Bob (’80, IUP) and Dennis (’70, Mount Pleasant High School) Miscik were two dominant pitchers who won 15 games between them while setting several records like career wins, strikeouts and earned run average.

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Professional Career

Miscik was one of the most accomplished pitchers in IUP baseball team history. He held several notable achievements, such as career wins (15), strikeouts (164) and earned run average (1.94). Additionally, Miscik was honored three times by Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference as Player of the Year while helping lead IUP into 2006 NCAA Tournament competition.

Miscik entered business soon after graduation. Today he serves as CEO and vice chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. – a strategic international consulting firm which assesses emerging market geopolitical and macroeconomic risks for clients – while before that as global head of sovereign risk at Lehman Brothers and senior advisor at Barclays Capital.

Achievement and Honors

Miscik was a four-year starter on IUP’s baseball team under head coach Arch Moore, whom he credits as having had an influenceful impact on both his academic life and athletic performance.

He went on to pitch professionally for the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates without losing more than two games annually – earning 15 total wins along the way.

Adam is also an award-winning composer whose works have been performed by various ensembles, such as the Fort Worth Symphony, Lexington Philharmonic, Kansas City Symphony and Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music. Adam has received various accolades such as ASCAP’s Morton Gould Young Composer Award and Charles Ives Scholarship as well as having his music showcased at libraries like Library of Congress, Kennedy Center New York Philharmonic & Hollywood Bowl.

Personal Life

Miscik stands out among his peers with both an impressive resume and active family life. Married to Pontotoc County Special District Judge Molly Shi, they share two children. Additionally, Miscik is involved with his community as a mentor, coach, and scout.

Even during his busy work schedule, he still finds time for hobbies like hunting and fishing, boating in Tampa bay area waters and travel around the globe. One of his favorite aspects of his job is meeting new people and learning from them; thus enabling him to help individuals and businesses maximize their resources for increased efficiency in accomplishing more with less effort.

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