Adam Oliveri

Adam Oliveri

Adam Oliveri is an accomplished advertising and media professional with extensive experience. His specialty lies in sales and development, which enable him to provide clients with excellent solutions.

EOA Inc, a consulting firm offering water and environmental services, counts him among their management team. His technical and regulatory experience encompasses wastewater, groundwater and public health risk assessments; additionally he has directed multiple projects including designing and operating on-site waste treatment systems.

Early Life and Education

Adam Oliveri hails from Buffalo, New York where he attended Bishop Fallon High School where he played baseball.

Oliveri graduated from URI with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and later completed a master’s program at Lincoln Memorial University.

He has established himself as an acclaimed entrepreneur throughout his life, owning and operating several small businesses across western Massachusetts.

Oliveri specializes in the distribution of boutique craft beers through Craft Collective in Rhode Island and Maine, serving suppliers and clients. Together with Bryan Ferguson ’05 as co-founders, they have used their talents and passion for beer to build a business they enjoy running – leaving their mark on local beer scenes in both states.

Professional Career

Adam Oliveri has spent 13 years as an assistant coach in Division I. During that time, his teams have recorded 10 winning seasons and 360 victories while winning conference tournament tournament honors in each year of service.

He has also played an instrumental part in two of his pitchers being selected for professional baseball. Anthony Ciaverlla was taken in the 24th round by St. Louis in 2016.

He has participated in various charity events such as Canstruction – a competition where construction professionals build structures out of canned food to donate the proceeds to fight hunger – as well as being an active volunteer within several trade organizations and the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Oliveri is an esteemed businessman with many accolades to his name. He owns and operates multiple small businesses – Mylyfe Specialty Pharmacy in West Springfield, Massachusetts; Venetian Bakery in Enfield, Connecticut – in addition to membership in industry trade organizations such as Construction Contractors Committee and Subcontractors Trade Association. Furthermore, Adam remains active within his Long Island community by participating in charity events and helping those in need.

At the height of his career, he rose to the forefront of his field, garnering multiple awards from Molloy College and Real Estate Weekly. Additionally, he became recognized as a leader within design and construction, while taking part in charity events like Canstruction: where professionals from the design and construction industry build structures out of canned food to raise money for Interfaith Nutrition Network.

Net Worth

Nick Oliveri is an American musician and singer/songwriter with an estimated net worth of $150 thousand. He earned this fortune through his musical works and performances with various bands like Katzenjammer (now Kyuss), Dwarves and Queens of the Stone Age, among many others. His music career began in Los Angeles where he is multi-instrumentalist who can play guitar, bass and acoustic guitar simultaneously – also writing commercials featuring him and performing them himself! To date he has released nine albums to his credit and written/performed in several commercials as well as commercials featuring him writing/performing them himself – as well as performing them numerous commercials commercials – garnering him many fans and awards awards over time as he currently tours with Kyuss and Queens of Stone Age respectively.

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