Adam Poliner

Adam Poliner

Elizabeth Poliner captures the dynamic between family members in the aftermath of an unfortunate event through As Close to Us as Breathing, drawing upon her personal family history to portray how Ada, Vivie, and Bec cope with Davy’s passing away.

Poliner provides an enthralling account of their lives as the tragedy alters them irrevocably, depicting complex relationships and evolving identities that will shape their futures.

Early Life and Education

Adam is used both as the name of humanity in general and its first man in particular. It derives from Hebrew Adm (‘adam), meaning to become reddened or Akkadian adamu meaning to make.

According to the Old Testament, Adam was created by God and lived happily in Eden until he and Eve ate from a forbidden tree, leading them to leave paradise and live instead in eastern lands where they gave birth to Cain, Abel, and Seth.

Numerous scientific studies confirm Adam and Eve as historical figures. While some critics may claim they are mythological or allegorical figures, the Bible affirms their existence and that they were created by an all-loving God.

Achievement and Honors

Lehigh Valley high school student Jesse Poliner recently won the top prize and cash award in a competition to find the most effective paper physics demonstration. His entry won first prize and took home both accolades.

He and his team won a contest to name their submission, designing it so as to be safer for students.

Notable accolades of Mark’s include being selected as a finalist in the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program and representing Lehigh Valley at West Point’s International Leadership Conference this October.

He has received multiple awards for both writing and directing, with his most recent film being featured at this year’s Film Fest New Haven: Right Foot, Left Foot or the Daring Young Man in the Cubicle.

Personal Life

Dan Poliner resides in New York City and is the author of multiple novels and plays. Currently employed as a law firm attorney, he also dreams of making films as his next career move.

He hails from Middlesex County and graduated from Coginchaug Regional High School in 1993. While filming his latest movie, Right Foot Left Foot or The Daring Young Man in the Cubicle, Poliner used some local children for key scenes.

At one point in one scene, about 30 kids gathered near a woman lying bent over on the ground. Their director, writer, and producer gave them instructions to look down at her while making gasping sounds as they stared down at her.

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