Adam Rainaldi

Adam Rainaldi

Tomaso Rainaldi’s body is found chiseled to death and police detective Antonio Guastafeste must follow the clues to discover who did it. Their search leads them from decaying Venetian palazzo to English country estate and into musical history itself.

Adam (Flash Point, 2004) provides plenty of European history while taking an in-depth look at one subculture within classical music’s world – one in which tension resonates like beautifully tuned strings.

Early Life and Education

After working in the nonprofit sector, he now sits on several boards in Colorado and around the United States. Furthermore, Green Spark Ventures–an impact investment firm–is one of his partners.

Gianni Castiglione leads an idyllic life in rural Cremona. His days are spent loving on his grandchildren and playing chamber-quartets with local priest, police chief and another elderly luthier named Tomaso Rainaldi; when this latter one is brutally murdered with his workroom destroyed it becomes clear violins had something to do with his death; so police-chief turns to Castiglione due to his knowledge of Rainaldi’s world and together they follow clues leading them from decaying Venetian palace to English estate and deep into musical history.

Professional Career

Adam brings over 14 years of experience to Ranger Power as cofounder and CEO, where he oversees high-level project development and corporate management duties. Prior to founding Ranger Power, Adam led wind development projects from construction through operation with Pioneer Green Energy as founding team member.

Retracing Rainaldi’s steps, two men find themselves immersed in an unexpected chain of startling events across Italy and England that take them through musical instruments being sold for millions, forgery as an art form, and murder as negotiation strategy – an intriguing glimpse into an intriguing world! A standout thriller, The Rainaldi Quartet provides an intriguing peek inside its closed world.

Personal Life

Adam Rainaldi is married to Laura Gheorghiu and is father to two children. In his personal life, Adam enjoys playing piano, traveling and reading for pleasure; as an avid sports fan and family man.

In 2006, he presented an exhibition of drawings and sculptures tracing his artistic research at Rome’s Crypt of San Sepolcro under the name “Christ”. This show included works depicting Christ’s birth, infancy, martyrdom, death and resurrection.

Tomaso Rainaldi lives a quiet life in Cremona. Though possessing few belongings and enemies, his love for music’s myths and knowledge of violins make up for any deficiencies he might lack in terms of material possessions or social interactions. After Rainaldi is murdered by Antonio Guastafeste’s agents in Cremona, Gianni Castiglione joins them to assist with their investigation.

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