Adam Rainey

Adam Rainey – Bass Trombone

He enjoyed great food, great drink, hard work, cars with horsepower and aviation. Additionally, he valued his unique family and loved his grandchildren immensely.

Michael Rainey is currently appearing as Tariq on Season Five of Power and making waves both professionally and philanthropically. Michael is an incredible example of what can happen when talent meets humility.

Early Life and Education

Adam Rainey currently performs with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as bass trombonist. Prior to that, he held this post from 2014-2022 at Kansas City Symphony. Adam has also participated in Pacific Music Festival Japan (PMF-Japan) as well as spent two summers as a fellow at Tanglewood.

Rainey was widely revered as the “Mother of the Blues,” making significant strides toward unifying vaudeville performances — which originated as minstrel shows for white audiences — with authentic Southern blues music that descended from call-response storytelling songs passed down from captive Africans through generations of their descendants. Her strong voice, characteristic “moaning” style and vibrant stage presence all contributed significantly to her success.

Similar to her contemporaries Bessie Smith and Alberta Hunter, she eventually faded into obscurity; however, Black Bottom, featuring Viola Davis in both play and film formats, helped bring her back into prominence.

Professional Career

Adam Rainey works as a project manager for R&H Construction. He collaborates closely with architects on creative design projects that bring their visions to life through construction. Some of Adam’s favorite projects have included MUJI, Tillamook Portland Headquarters and Blu Dot; each task provides its own set of challenges to face and enjoys working on diverse architectural teams for each job.

He served his state four times as an Australian Rules Football and Cricket representative and also competed as a golfer. Additionally, he participated in student organizations like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and President’s Ball planning committees.

Rainey Foster is the Executive Vice President and Partner of Leading Authorities, Inc. She understands the unique needs of her company’s high-profile speakers and talent as well as recognizing uncertainty as an opportunity for creativity.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Rainey will join the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as Bass Trombone during its 2022-2023 season, following four years at Kansas City Symphony Orchestra from 2014-2022 and previous performances with Boston Symphony Orchestra and Philadelphia Orchestra.

Wilson’s plays often explore the difficulties black communities encounter when trying to communicate. He draws upon black traditions such as storytelling and blues music for inspiration in his works.

One of Wilson’s best-known plays, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, which debuted on Broadway in 1985 and won both a New York Drama Critics Circle Award and an Antoinette Perry (“Tony”) Award nomination, propelled her into prominence within American theatre. Later adapted for television by City University of New York during 1988-1989.

Personal Life

Michael Rainey keeps himself entertained outside his professional career through an array of hobbies and interests, such as spending time with his family and playing video games and hiking. Additionally, Michael gives back to the community through various philanthropic initiatives.

He attended the Pacific Music Festival (Japan) and spent two summers as a fellow at Tanglewood Music Center. While at New England Conservatory he studied under Douglas Yeo and James Markey; Norman Bolter, Mark Gaal, Steve Lange, Peter Norton and Toby Oft have all also provided valuable instruction.

He currently works at R&H Construction as Director of Business Development; established in 1979, they employ around 253 employees and specialize in working with architects on creative design projects that bring their visions to life through construction.

Net Worth

Since 2014, he has served as bass trombonist of the Kansas City Symphony. Additionally, he has performed with both Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood Music Center during two separate summer fellowships.

He is a multi-talented individual with skills in various fields and has made considerable money off them. Additionally, he gives back to the community through numerous philanthropic efforts and enjoys amassing an enormous following on social media.

Born on 23rd of October 1960 in California, he is an American motorcycle road racer who retired several years ago with an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million. At 58 years old he remains single and prefers keeping his personal life private.

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