Adam Rosebrock

Adam Rosebrock, PhD, a Donnelly Centre Undergraduate Research Fellow

Rosebrock integrates genetics with direct biochemical measurements to understand dynamic changes within cell states, using mass spectrometry to identify new metabolites and biochemical pathways, while his laboratory creates computational tools necessary for this “big data” approach.

Since joining the Donnelly Centre in 2011, he has played an instrumental role in shaping undergraduate education at the Centre.

Professional Career

Adam Rosebrock has been an outstanding member of the Donnelly Centre’s undergraduate education program, engaging students and encouraging them to utilize cutting-edge techniques in their research. He possesses a deep commitment to his field, continuously seeking ways to increase his knowledge. Adam’s research focuses on understanding regulation of central carbon metabolism underlying cell division. His lab uses small molecule mass spectrometry to identify new biochemical pathways while creating methods to measure internal and external cell states more precisely; we spoke with Adam about its benefits for biological research research.

Achievement and Honors

His lab applies genetics, direct biochemical measurement, and computational analysis to study how cellular metabolism is controlled. They focus particularly on understanding how specific biochemical pathways react to changing nutrient levels, temperature, oxygen availability and internal cell state changes. Furthermore, his team is developing new mass spectrometry assays which measure biochemical contents within cells to place new metabolites within greater biological context.

Dr. Rosebrock has quickly made an impressionful mark at the Donnelly Centre with his teaching of the course MGY360H1 (Whole-Genome Sequencing and Analysis Laboratory). His students praise his tireless devotion as an instructor who fosters an enthusiastic approach to learning.

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