Adam Rosenfeld

Adam Rosenfeld, Attorney at Law

Adam Rosenfeld specializes in estate and development projects across Los Angeles. He represents various prominent clientele such as celebrities and real estate developers.

He holds two master’s degrees – Transportation Engineering and City Planning from MIT – and is committed to building a sustainable future.

Early Life and Education

Adam Rosenfield is a top-rated attorney based in Eagan, Minnesota who represents clients regarding Workers’ Compensation matters as well as Civil Litigation: Defense and Employment Litigation: Defense cases. Adam is licensed to practice before all state courts of Minnesota.

Master of Urban Planning and Transportation Engineering from MIT. He enjoys cycling with the MIT Cycling Team and playing music – volunteering his services at National Music Camp of Canada.

As Interim Vice President and General Counsel of Georgetown University, he provides legal counsel to its Board of Directors as well as academic and administrative leadership on matters concerning Georgetown. Since joining its law firm in 2011, he has had a close relationship with the institution; frequently providing insight into legal and regulatory issues facing higher education.

Professional Career

Adam Rosenfield takes an holistic view, which led him to earn degrees in both engineering and urban planning. Now as Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation senior policy advisor he utilizes these expertises to tackle one of its top emitting sectors-transportation–in pursuit of creating a more sustainable future.

Adam offers legal representation in many matters, from workers’ compensation to complex litigation for clients in numerous industries including finance, telecommunications, consumer products and energy. He has appeared before numerous courts across Minnesota from his practice located in Eagan. Adam joined the Minnesota Bar Association as soon as 2001 and holds licenses to appear before all state and federal courts within Minnesota.

Personal Life

Adam Rosenfield is an esteemed attorney based out of Eagan, Minnesota who specializes in Workers’ Compensation as well as Family Law and Criminal Defense cases. With an outstanding knowledge and work ethic that have earned him top ratings within his field, outside of work he enjoys playing piano and French horn, volunteering at National Music Camp of Canada and biking for MIT cycling team. Adam is married to Molly and together they share one child named Henry; summers can often be spent enjoying Galveston beaches together!

Net Worth

Rosenfeld is one of America’s best and most accomplished real estate agents, having made over a billion in career sales since 1999. He has been featured in publications like Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Real Trends as well as sharing his knowledge through multiple social media platforms. Additionally, he serves as director of The Agency’s estates division and belongs to Grauman Rosenfeld Group; possessing an impressive portfolio of pedigreed properties located throughout Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood Hills. Due to his outstanding professional record and impressive achievements, we estimate Adam Rosenfeld’s net worth at around $12 Million. However, please check back frequently as this number may change; please stay tuned for updates! We look forward to providing weekly emails containing real estate trends and news from Adam Rosenfeld himself! Thank you for signing up with us – you’ll soon start receiving weekly emails featuring news from Adam Rosenfeld himself.

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