Adam Siplyak

Adam Siplyak – An American Muay Thai Fighter

Jade Janks was “extremely distressed” after discovering nude photos on her stepfather’s computer, yet instead of reporting the incident she allegedly attempted to murder him instead of informing authorities. She asked Adam Siplyak for help disposing of his body but he declined and instead informed police instead.

Early Life and Education

Prosecutors presented text messages that Siplyak received from Janks. According to them, she confessed to killing her stepfather and asked Siplyak for assistance staging it as an overdose death.

Prosecutors allege that Janks killed her stepfather after finding intimate photographs of herself on his computer and attempted to fake his death as an overdose.

Siplyak testified Thursday that he was at Janks’ residence when her stepfather suddenly collapsed in the driveway and she asked him to move his body so it appeared as an overdose victim in one of her apartments on property, however he refused and instead reported this crime to authorities and media.

Professional Career

Adam Siplyak, an American Muay Thai fighter based out of Carlsbad Kickboxing in Carlsbad, trains five days each week and competes nationally and internationally tournaments as well as training young fighters from his gym.

Jorge Portillo, Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, presented evidence against Jade Janks during the trial that she killed Thomas Merriman because she found nude photos of herself on his computer. Portillo stated that Jade drugged and had her friend Adam Siplyak help dispose of his body at her home on New Year’s Eve of 2018.

Siplyak testified that he visited the property after Janks informed him she had killed her stepfather and requested his assistance in moving his body into his apartment so it could appear as though it died due to accidental overdosing.

Personal Life

Adam Siplyak lives at 1335 Greenlake Dr, Encinitas, CA and has one alias and two phone numbers associated with him. He is 48 years old.

Prosecutors allege that butterfly activist Jade Janks murdered her former stepfather after discovering nude images of herself on his computer. At her testimony on Friday, Jade Janks revealed she discovered these photos while cleaning out his room after his fall at a rehabilitation facility.

Adam Siplyak refused to help her dispose of his body and reported her the following day to police. Janks’ defense team alleges she cared for and helped care for him despite his separation from her mother; upon seeing pictures depicting his demise she became devastated and staged it so it appeared as an accidental drug overdose.

Net Worth

Adam’s hard work and business acumen have allowed him to build an impressive empire. His YouTube channel and merchandise line have both seen tremendous success over time.

He’s also started a side project that brings in extra money: purchasing a partial ownership stake in DriftHQ, an automotive parts supplier.

At trial, Deputy District Attorney Jorge Del Portillo asserted that Jade Janks killed her stepfather after discovering nude photographs of herself on his computer. Adam Siplyak testified that Jade Janks confessed to killing her stepfather on New Year’s Eve 2020; her friend Adam Siplyak reported hearing this information from Jade herself; they asked Siplyak if they could help move his body to Merriman’s apartment on the property but refused.

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