Adam Tarosky

Adam Tarosky, Attorney at Law

Adam Tarosky is a highly acclaimed attorney practicing in Washington, DC area. Specializing in Business/Corporate law, Adam is highly rated by his peers due to his professional work ethic and advocacy on behalf of his clients. Adam has been honored by various organizations such as:

As a former senior trial attorney with the Department of Justice’s Fraud Section, he provides clients with guidance regarding compliance matters while representing them during FCA investigations and qui tam litigation proceedings.

Early Life and Education

Adam Tarosky is a top-rated attorney practicing in Washington DC area. He specializes in representing clients facing government investigations or white collar crime issues. Trained at Duke University School of Law and holding a JD degree.

At Nixon Peabody, he serves as both a partner and member of its Government Investigations & White Collar Defense practice group. Before joining Nixon Peabody, he held a trial attorney position with the Civil Fraud Section at the Department of Justice.

Professional Career

Adam Tarosky is an attorney in private practice who stands out from his peers through his knowledge of law, professional work ethic and advocacy for his clients. Adam’s legal specialties include Business/Corporate Litigation: Defense.

Nixon Peabody partner James Acker leads their Government Investigations & White Collar Defense practice group. Before joining Nixon Peabody, Acker worked in one of the Department of Justice’s most potent offices – where as trial attorney in its Civil Division’s Fraud Section, he coordinated billions in recovered False Claims Act funds from providers, contractors and financial institutions; counseling clients through FCA investigations as well as qui tam and government-initiated litigation proceedings.

Personal Life

Adam Tarosky was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois’ suburbs. He married his college sweetheart and the two have one daughter together. Adam prides himself on maintaining an exemplary work ethic as well as being passionate about his field of expertise: legal representation.

Adam Tarosky is a partner in Nixon Peabody’s Government Investigations and White Collar Defense practice group and leads their False Claims Act team. Before joining Nixon Peabody he served in one of the U.S. Department of Justice’s most renowned departments: Civil Division Commercial Litigation Branch Fraud Section where his experience as trial attorney gave him unique insight into FCA investigations, qui tam and government-initiated litigation matters.

Net Worth

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Adam is currently a partner at Nixon Peabody LLP and part of their Government Investigations and White Collar Defense practice group, where he specializes in FCA cases related to federal health care providers, defense contractors, and financial institutions.

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