Adam Titchener

Adam Titchener – Photographer

Adam is an adventurer at heart, always in search of new stories to tell through photography. He enjoys capturing the unique personalities and characters of his subjects while creating engaging visual narratives.

Titchener was an advocate of Wundt’s scientific ideas and instrumental in establishing psychology as an experimental science. However, his personality differed dramatically from that of his mentor in numerous ways.

Early Life and Education

Titchener was born and educated in England according to German (Wundtian) tradition. He translated all three editions of Kiilpe’s Outlines of Psychology into English as well as Wundt’s Physiologische Psychologie into English translation. Furthermore, he co-created and published both a Student Manual of Classical Experiments as well as Instructor’s Manual in order to give both students and instructors access to a wealth of experimental data that had disciplinary value.

Titchener held firm to his belief that higher mental processes should remain distinct from applied fields like child psychology and abnormal psychology. Although a charter member of the American Psychological Association, he rarely attended its meetings; instead he formed his own group, The Experimentalists, exclusively admitting those studying his style of psychology.

Professional Career

Adam embarked on his photographic career full time after enjoying a diverse career in public relations and communications. Now self-initiated projects are what keep Adam engaged behind the camera, whether traveling to unusual towns or photographing female bodybuilders – while working with some prestigious clients such as Chelsea Football Club, Abercrombie & Fitch and Dr Martens among many others.

Adam set out to bring Wundt’s psychological philosophy established in Germany into America. For this goal, he wrote many texts including textbooks and translated 11 German works into English. Additionally, Adam proposed what became known as structuralism – a scientific approach to psychology which examined what are considered core components of consciousness and their interrelation.

Achievement and Honors

Titchener excelled both as a football player and scholar during high school, helping lead Cheyenne East to three state titles by playing tight end, defensive end, punter and punting. He earned all-state selection as punter while being named first team academic All-Big 12. Additionally he participated in Brook Berringer Citizenship Team activities along with volunteering at Lincoln Public Schools, the Dads of Kids with Disabilities program and Village Manor Retirement Center.

As a freshman, Titchener redshirted and served as Sam Koch, Nebraska’s all-time punting leader, until his sophomore season when he averaged 43.6 yards on 42 punts placed within 20-yard lines averaging 43.6 average. Titchener earned Big 12 special teams player of the week honors twice during 2006.

Academically, he majored in accounting and was honored with a spot on each semester’s Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll at NU.

Personal Life

Adam Titchener has an insatiable fascination for untold stories, prompting him to investigate and explore what is out there. As an accomplished photographer and videographer, Adam finds his niche behind the lens while traveling through rural America or photographing female bodybuilders.

At Cheyenne East High School, Titchener played tight end, defensive lineman and punter. As a senior, he earned first team academic All-Big 12 selection and ESPN the Magazine Academic All-District status.

Titchener was an enthusiastic follower of Wundt’s ideas, though his own theories departed significantly from those of his mentor. Titchener believed that by categorizing and systematically defining components of consciousness researchers could understand mental processes and higher thinking – an approach known as structuralism. Titchener also provided strict guidelines for practicing introspection.

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