Adam Tonis

Adam Tonis – A Chiropractor in New York, NY

Adam Tonis is a chiropractor based out of New York City and welcomes new patients at 15 Wadsworth Avenue.

Over 30 years of experience treating and managing medical practices has given him the insight into developing the necessary soft skills that build trust between patient and provider, and finding effective solutions tailored specifically to each one.

Early Life and Education

Reno-born, this Reno native has enjoyed dancing since he was eight. Starting out in local studios before taking his passion into New York city.

He earned the prestigious honor of being named top student in his class and even performed at Carnegie Hall! Additionally, he competed internationally on USC’s table tennis team – particularly enjoying competing in Japan!

Adam stands out amongst his many accomplishments by winning an award for most unique and clever idea, helping boost his morale while making him an effective leader. Utilizing cutting edge technologies and unconventional thinking solutions has propelled Adam into becoming an excellent role model to those around him.

Professional Career

Adam dedicated his career to supporting the growth and success of people and institutions throughout the Upper Ohio Valley. As counsel to Franciscan University of Steubenville and as member of its Board of Trustees, Adam played a vital role in physical and programmatic expansion that has made Steubenville a globally acclaimed campus and education institution.

Adam has an exceptional background in tax compliance, retirement planning, annuities, life insurance and investments. As a CPA and Certified Financial Planning(tm) advisor, Adam prides himself in helping his clients develop tailored written retirement plans that meet their goals for today and into retirement.

Adam enjoyed participating in the Turkey Trot for Brain Injury Awareness since 2015; an event close to his heart that brings awareness and support for those living with traumatic brain injuries. He also enjoyed traveling and immersing himself in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors.

Achievement and Honors

Adam was an esteemed attorney and an active community member in Steubenville and Upper Ohio Valley, serving the Catholic Church and Catholic education institutions throughout his career.

He was an enthusiastic proponent of the University of Steubenville and offered advice and counsel in several expansion projects during a 30-year span. Furthermore, his contribution helped ensure St. John’s Hospital (now Trinity Health System) could remain operational during major economic downturns.

His services to his family, Catholic Church and community made him a true source of inspiration to others. He leaves an unforgettable legacy of love and kindness in his family’s hearts as well as in those of Steubenville.

Personal Life

Adam leads an impressive life outside his profession as a chiropractor. Married for over two decades and with two children together- including another Adam- the pair live on a lake home in Glen Head, New York where there’s space enough for everyone. Their boathouse provides ample fun activities.

Finding an experienced chiropractor in the tri-state area can be challenging, but Adam Tonis may be worth trying. His office is located at 15 Wadsworth Avenue in New York and accepts most insurance plans; more information on his practice can be found on his website. Plus, this office features free onsite parking; this is especially handy given how difficult parking can be in this neighborhood!

Net Worth

Adam Tonis, an Instagram influencer with millions of followers worldwide, posts content across different platforms and earns huge capital gains from each account he owns – estimated net worth is between $75 Million to $90 Million; owns multiple car dealerships, restaurants and nightclubs; known by fans as the “millionaire Playboy.”

Tony is well known for his extravagant lifestyle that encompasses private jets, luxury yachts, fast cars, stacks of cash, women all around him and his signature “Lunatic Living” approach to living. Known for being generous-spirited as well as contributing funds towards various charitable causes he donates large amounts of his wealth voluntarily.

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