Adam Walden

Adam Walden

Adam was an incredible child musician and cellist. As one of the first autistic students ever admitted to a Los Angeles Unified School District performing arts magnet school, and subsequently won an academic scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston – all this at such an early age!

As a freshman, Adam’s mother reached out to Easterseals MA to explore ways we could assist him during his college experience. We introduced Adam to his “College Navigator,” an individual trained specifically in aiding.

Early Life and Education

Adam Walden has found much success learning through music; according to his mother Rosanne Walden, teachers have been able to use musical components with academic instruction as a means of aiding his education and facilitating his progress in school.

Adam’s musical talent has proved both beneficial for himself and the academic education provided by his teachers, she noted. Additionally, it led him to participate in a research project at UCLA.

Henry David Thoreau’s Walden provides an ideal framework for teaching about artistic unity and simplicity as well as discussing materialism. For basic facts on Thoreau use Walter Harding and Michael Meyer’s The New Thoreau Handbook; for biographical or critical consideration use Joel Myerson’s Transcendentalists: A Review of Research and Criticism or Richard Schneider’s Approaches to Teaching Thoreau’s Walden and Other Works respectively.

Professional Career

Adam specializes in white collar defense, government and internal investigations, corporate disputes, compliance matters and good government litigation. Clients trust him with handling complex high-stakes matters that require his extensive expertise and keen eye for detail.

As someone deeply committed to social change and multiculturalism in higher education, he serves as an advisor and co-host on their UnDisrupted podcast.

He is an outspoken champion for children with special needs and their families, having served as a Special Education teacher himself for years. Understanding the unique challenges associated with having to send special needs students into regular education classes, he proudly launched College Navigator as a program designed to assist such students succeeding at university life.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Walden is widely respected and honored with numerous distinctions. He received an honorary doctorate from Walden University and has received praise for his restoration ecology work.

Mr. Miller also supervises graduate students pursuing PhDs. His research primarily focuses on how landscapes can be restored to improve ecosystem function and resilience – with particular interest in freshwater aquatic systems and tropical rainforests.

He is an active member of the International Society for Restoration Ecology and has recently published in Nature Climate Change. Additionally, he serves as Restoration Manager for an Indigenous Trust seeking to return ecologically and culturally resilient landscapes back to traditional owners in Western Australia.

Personal Life

Adam is currently studying cello at Berklee College of Music despite suffering from severe autism, and is an exceptional student.

He can also be seen acting in HBO’s Autism: The Musical and appearing on Lifetime’s Genius series and Mainly Mozart Festival concerts.

As part of his membership of the Harmony Project, he has composed numerous pieces of music. Additionally, he has won both gold and silver medals at numerous classical music competitions.

Net Worth

Adam Walden boasts an estimated net worth of $214.1 Million. He has appeared in multiple movies such as Interstellar and Call Me By Your Name, as well as being elected to serve in the U.S. Senate in 2008. Reelected again with 65% support four years later in 2014, Adam first came into office as senator in 2008 before being re-elected four years later with 64%. Adam was born and raised in Manhattan New York, married Mary Alice Witmer since 2013 with three children to their union.

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