Aggron Best Moveset Pokemon Go

A Guide to Aggron’s Best Moveset in Pokemon Go

This guide will help you learn the best moves for Aggron, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. This set is meant to be used as a bulky Lead with good retaliation and strong offensive moves. Some of the best moves to use on Aggron include Head Smash, Metal Burst, and Roar. These moves can be used to protect yourself from sweepers and provide extra damage to the opponent.

Aggron is a steel-type Pokemon that has a maximum CP of 4162. This Pokemon is vulnerable to powerful Fighting, Fire, and Ground attacks. High-level players should go in teams of three or four members to ensure that their team will be protected against these powerful attacks. These are some other moves that you can use against Mega Aggron. These moves will ensure Mega Aggron is a difficult Pokemon to defeat.

Mega Aggron offers a wide range of moves. It has Thunder and SmackDown, in addition to Smack Down and Stone Edge. These moves are very useful in Mega Aggron fights, especially against Megas. These moves can also be used for defense against the Mega Aggron.

Heavy Slam and Iron Tail are the best moves for Aggron. These moves provide high DPS, but are also very low-energy-consuming. They are also very versatile and can be paired well to provide consistent attacks. Aggron can also benefit from using Smack Down, which has similar stats to Iron Tail but has a powerful same-type attack bonus that gives it an extra 20% damage per second.

While using Heavy Slam and Iron Tail are the best movesets for Aggron, there are some things to keep in mind. These moves take advantage of Aggron’s STAB and deal massive damage. Because they require fewer energy, they are recommended as the best Aggron moveset in Pokemon Go. Smack Down, which provides valuable Rock-type coverage, is a great alternative to heavy STAB moves.

The Aggron is a powerful tank that can provide a lot of value in Pokemon GO. It has high attack and defense stats and can be incredibly effective in Ultra League and raids. So, be prepared for some tough encounters with this Pokemon. If you have the right moveset, you can dominate your opponents with ease.

It is easy to learn the Aggron’s best moveset. Pinap Berries or Rare Candies can be used to speed up your leveling. The candy requirements for Aggron aren’t as high as other Pokemon. Both Android and iOS users can download the Pokemon GO app. You can play this amazing game now!

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