Akbar Gbajabiamila Net Worth

Akbar Gbajabiamila is an accomplished football player who has also established himself in television industry. Currently he co-hosts American Ninja Warrior as well as serving as regular commentator on several sports shows.

Apart from his professional life, he is engaged in charitable activities. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Chrystal and children.

Early Life and Education

Akbar Gbajabiamila was born in Los Angeles, California to parents Mustapha and Bolatito and raised with six siblings in an Islamic family with Yoruba and Nigerian roots – however later converted to Christianity during college studies.

At Crenshaw High School he played both football and basketball before moving on to San Diego State football as a defensive end and linebacker. Additionally he appeared in Expedition Impossible television show.

Since 2013, he has co-hosted American Ninja Warrior reality television show. Additionally, he is an author and has appeared in other TV programs. Married to Chrystal and having two sons: Elijah and Nasir, he currently resides with them all in California.

Professional Career

Akbar Gbajabiamila was born May 6, 1979 and earned himself an extensive fortune through his professional football career. He played with Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins of NFL as a quarterback before going onto become commentator/co-host of American Ninja Warrior show as well as analyst for NFL Network.

Gbajabiamila is one of six children of Mustapha and Bolatito Gbaja-Biamila and raised as a Sunni Muslim from both Nigerian and Yoruba descent; but later converted to Christianity at college. While growing up as part of a Sunni family he also converted from Sunnism into Christianity for good measure! Furthermore he’s the brother of Green Bay Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila; also married Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila; has four children: Elijah; Saheedat; then twins Nasi and Naomi!

Achievement and Honors

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila has found immense success both as a footballer and television host, earning much respect in both fields. His charming persona and knowledge of sports make him an esteemed figure within their respective industries.

Crenshaw High School of Los Angeles provided him the opportunity to play both basketball and football before transferring to San Diego State University for further studies in communication and new media studies.

Professional football player Jonny Manziel played for Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins and earned substantial salaries through contracts he signed. As a television host of American Ninja Warrior as well as co-hosting daytime talk show hosted by him; these earnings added considerably to his net worth.

Personal Life

Akbar is a proud family man and enjoys spending his free time with Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila, whom he married eighteen years ago. Together they have four children; daughters Nasir and Naomi as well as Elijah, son Elijah, and baby daughter Saheedat. His relationship has stood the test of time and serves as a great role model for young families to look up to.

Akbar and his wife remain active members of their community by supporting numerous charitable endeavors. He serves on the Asomugha Foundation board which helps improve educational opportunities in impoverished areas; also involved with Michael J. Fox Foundation which raises money for Parkinson’s research; close to his heart since his father suffered from this illness; serving as sports commentator on American Ninja Warrior and The Talk on CBS respectively.

Net Worth

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila makes sure that despite his busy schedule, he always finds time for others who need assistance. His successes both professionally and personally serve as an inspiring example to others who follow.

He has amassed an impressive following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where he interacts with fans, shares pictures of daily activities and shares moments of inspiration – giving followers a closer look into his life.

Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila and he reside in Redondo Beach, California together with their four children Elijah, Saheedat, twins Nasi and Naomi. Additionally he has been an active part of his community volunteering with organizations such as The Asomugha Foundation while raising money for Parkinson’s research.

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