Alexis Arguello Net Worth

Alexis Arguello was an internationally-acclaimed Nicaraguan boxer. A three-time world champion in featherweight, super-featherweight and lightweight divisions respectively, Arguello also dabbled in politics – becoming Mayor of Managua – Nicaragua’s capital city.

He was widely considered one of the greatest fighters ever, earning himself the moniker “El Caballero del Ring,” or the “Gentleman of the Ring,” due to his sportsmanlike behavior both inside and outside of the ring.

Early Life and Education

Alexis Arguello was born April 19th 1952 to shoemaker Guillermo Arguello and Zoila Bohorquez of Managua and had an extremely challenging life from early on, frequently engaging in brawls with peers as he struggled to provide for his family financially.

Arguello achieved great success during his professional boxing career, winning three world titles across three different weight divisions. Additionally, he carried Nicaragua’s flag at the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony and retired with several business ventures underway.

In 2004, he was elected vice mayor of his hometown Managua; however, allegations surfaced of vote rigging during his election process. On July 1, 2009 – at just 57 years old – his death came as a shock to both fans and media alike.

Professional Career

Alexis Argello, known in the ring as El Flaco Explosivo, was an iconic boxer who captured three world championships over his illustrious career. Coming from humble origins himself, he made himself into one of the sport’s greats; even becoming mayor in Nicaraguan politics!

He made history during his long and distinguished career by defeating iconic opponents such as Aaron Pryor in several memorable matches that would go down as “Battle of the Champions”. Even though he lost in their initial encounter, they met again later and won. He became beloved inside and outside of the ring as an icon to new generations of fighters; retiring with an impressive record of 82 wins to 8 losses by 1995.

Achievement and Honors

Alexis Arguello won three world championships across three weight classes and became an icon both inside and outside the ring. Beloved by boxing fans as well as Nicaraguans alike, Arguello was known for his dignity, sportsmanship, power punching abilities, as well as leading political positions within Nicaraguan politics.

He won 82 victories with 65 knockouts during his 90-fight career and suffered only 8 defeats en route to being honored with induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998.

Arguello was a father to seven children, loved traveling and studied television production at Stony Brook University. Unfortunately he died tragically at age 57, having been shot in the chest; its cause of death remains unknown and was found at home in Managua, Nicaragua.

Personal Life

Alexis Arguello was known by the nickname El Flaco Explosivo during his three-weight world championship reign in the featherweight, super featherweight and lightweight divisions. Widely considered one of the great fighters ever seen on a boxing ring, Arguello also served as Mayor of Managua before passing away in 2009.

Mayor Aguirre is widely acclaimed for resolving garbage collection issues in his city and prioritising sports facilities for Nicaragua’s residents. Additionally, he was an influential force on Nicaraguan boxer Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez and was greatly respected within his field.

He was also an experienced cat breeder, publishing several articles in Cat Fancy magazine. Even after their professional rivalries ended, Alfredo Escalera and Aaron Pryor remained close up until their deaths at 57 in 2009.

Net Worth

Alexis Arguello was one of the greatest fighters of all time, winning world titles across three weight divisions and becoming legendary within Nicaragua – even serving as mayor before his untimely passing at age 57 in 2009.

He engaged in numerous legendary bouts, such as Aaron Pryor. Their bout was an absolute classic and highly entertaining event. Additionally, in 2014 he won the Houston Boxing Hall of Fame award voted upon by current and former fighters.

He also had a deep-seated love for animals, breeding cats himself. An accomplished writer himself, he contributed articles for Cat Fancy magazine. Additionally, he was currently suing Electronic Arts, Sony and Nintendo for using his image without consent in Knockout Kings video games.

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