Alexis Texas

She first debuted as an adult film actress and model in 2017 and has continued working steadily ever since, becoming known for her stunning form, adorable smile, and playful personality.

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Early Life and Education

Alexis Bledel, better known by her stage name Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls from 2000-2007. Additionally she can be seen in Mad Men and Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

She founded the New Hollywood Women’s Goal Group, an organization which assists women with reaching their professional and personal goals. Additionally, she is actively involved in charitable work; having produced directed, choreographed and hosted benefit shows for various causes like Free the Slaves.

She has published in academic journals and testified before Congress. Additionally, she currently holds an adjunct professor position at George Washington University where she leads the Dean’s Scholars in Shakespeare program and Global Shakespeares digital performance archive project.

Achievement and Honors

At various points throughout her academic career, she has been recognized for her achievements and awarded with various accolades. These include the Prism Award – presented to women who identify as engineers and have made contributions to professional organizations or communities; as well as SWE’s Outstanding Collegiate Member Award that honors collegiate members who have distinguished themselves through achievements and leadership, service to other engineering groups and activities supporting SWE’s mission.

Seniors awarded honors include Savanna Aiello, Amanda Bernard, Emma Bunker Gabriella Carlos Mitchell Chaves Alison Daigle Zachary Danz Cana Courtney Lily Davey Aivaras Gedvilas Elias Fhagen-Smith Kylie Hatt Elinor Hanjian Lena Hanschka Julia Hart Danielle Hopkins Sophia McCarron James Kelliher Caroline Roddy Colby Scarsella Whitney Schroeder Finnegan Simpkins; Jrs: Rose Engler and Garrett Zeilinger. Junior honors recipients: Rose Engler and Garrett Zeilinger

Personal Life

Alexis Texas is an outgoing and lively woman who likes to spend her free time watching movies, taking photographs for social media accounts and engaging with fans online. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and shopping.

She possesses an amazing body and enjoys showing it off through her videos, with an adorable smile and stunning form that draw viewers in.

In 2009, she launched both her website and company, Alexis Texas Entertainment. Since then she has won multiple awards for her performances; appearing in over 500 films. Maxim magazine named Alexis one of their Top 12 Adult Stars in 2011.

Alexis is a friendly person with Norwegian, German and Puerto Rican ancestry who strives for perfection. As she does not yet have children of her own she remains single and doesn’t plan on having any.

Net Worth

Alexis was born at a military base in Castroville, Texas, USA of German, Puerto Rican and Norwegian heritage. After working initially as a restaurant worker and later becoming involved with adult films such as Shane’s World’s College Amateur Tour of Texas movie in 2006, she made her film debut.

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