All Star Shoulder Pads

All Star Shoulder Pads

Athletes who play football need shoulder pads to protect their shoulders and chest against a wide range of physical impacts. Without the proper gear, athletes are at risk for serious injury. To keep your player safe on the field, choose a quality set of all star shoulder pads.

Brands Like Douglas, Riddell and Schutt manufacture quality football pads that are designed to meet the specific needs of each player on the team. These brands offer styles that range from lightweight to heavy-duty protection for different positions on the field.

Offensive and defensive linemen: These players need padding that stands up to the tough hits they encounter at the line of scrimmage, while also providing flexibility and high-impact cushioning. These pads should also feature front plating for a locked-in feel.

Xenith: Designed for the committed athlete, these football shoulder pads are lightweight and low-profile to allow players to move freely while retaining their impact protection. They also feature removable padding for simple care and maintenance, lace-less design and buckle straps for durability, and adjustable design to fit players of all sizes.

All-Star: Time proven and a favorite among young players and their parents, these football shoulder pads are light and less bulky than other brands. They are made with lightweight, impact-reducing EVA foam to allow quick, natural movement while providing a level of upper arm protection.

Bauer: These high-quality shoulder pads are designed for the elite player who skates 4-5+ times a week and wants the best protection in the game. They feature a new redesigned Aerolite cap with Connektor technology that links the shoulder pad base to the cap for better mobility and fit. They also feature Flexaprene foam that adapts to your movement and provides better breathability for a fresh feeling throughout your shifts.

Thermocore Zero: Developed for the most elite of skaters, these pads feature the new Thermocore Zero liner that combines sweat and odor control management with a cooling yarn treatment to keep your arms cool and comfortable while you’re on the ice.

Hyperlite HD: A unique molded foam insert in the sternum and spine, combined with a shocklite foam insert in the upper torso offers maximum impact protection in the rib cage. These pads also feature a one-piece EXO-Lite skin, which helps the shoulder pad move with your arms during play for superior comfort and movement.

Poly – Morph: A next generation highly pliable material used in critical zones offers unmatched flexible protection. The M2 torso construction features independent upper torso and rib protection that can be easily adjusted to provide better coverage with no gaps in the foam.

Hexlite Foam: A proprietary feather-light foam provides a level of elite-level impact protection while allowing you to move freely. The M2 torso construction also utilizes stretch gussets that connect the upper torso and rib protection, creating a flexible system that allows players to move freely while maintaining their level of protection.

Integrated Camlock Straps: These pads have an integrated, fast-adjustment Camlock strap system that allows for a secure, tight, and reliable fit with added tension. These straps are easy to adjust and are held in place by a premium neck collar for a soft and comfortable fit.

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