Amber Cole

Amber Cole Is Too Important to Drag Other Children’s Names Into the Mud

Amber Cole is a clinical social worker with a passion to help children and youth. She believes in healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. She has been named one of the 40 under 40 of MIA Legacy Magazine. Cole, a social worker by trade, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. on social welfare. She will be integrating her research into public policy and practice. For her work, she was awarded an Inclusion Fellowship. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to social service.

Many social media users have defended Amber Cole and her video. But her actions are too important to drag other children’s names into the mud. Amber Cole’s actions should serve as a lesson to young children about why these types of acts are wrong, why such actions are acceptable for entertainment, and why society has become so twisted. Unfortunately, she was the only one who performed oral sex on a boy – a 14-year-old boy. In response, she has received a great deal of support, but some have criticized her.

Many health care professionals started to study the behavioral and social effects of substance abuse after hearing Amber’s story. Amber was not an unusual case. She had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and was also exposed to prenatal cocaine. Because of her condition, she fell behind in school every year. She also struggled to attend her elementary school because it did not have the resources or staff support she needed. It took her almost two years to catch up with her classmates.

Although Amber Cole claims she was unaware she was being recorded, her actions may be considered child pornography and should be investigated. Given her age and willingness to do such things, the results are disturbing. However, some people may say that the issue is unimportant and that other girls perform similar acts without getting caught. This argument is false. It is unfair for a young girl being caught doing something indecent. Amber Cole’s father claims that she didn’t know the video existed online.

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