Amber Pasztor

Amber Pasztor Convicted of Murdering Her Children

Amber Pasztor pleaded guilty in 2016 to two counts each of murder and attempted murder in the deaths of two of her children. The court ruled that she was mentally ill when she committed these crimes. The case sparked a nationwide investigation, which led to several hundred documents being released by the prosecution. Amber Pasztor had a troubled past, including a history of sexually abusing her children and moving from Texas to Indiana. She was also tested positive for methamphetamine and cocaine, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Despite the fact that the case is the first of its kind, Pasztor’s sex life is a tragic and disturbing one. The criminal convicted of murder has a disturbing past, including multiple sexual assaults and the death of dozens of children. As a mother of two, it’s hard to understand how she could be capable of killing her children if she had lived up to the values she holds so dear.

At her arraignment, Amber Pasztor confessed to the crime and acknowledged working with drug cartels. She knew that the victim had wires as well as a shovel. Pasztor is currently facing 130 years imprisonment on two counts each of murder and could be sentenced to life for each. However, despite her confession, Pasztor’s defense attorney acknowledged that his client has few redeeming qualities.

Pasztor will be taken to Allen County for Pasztor’s trial after her arrest. In addition to the murder, she is also accused of a shooting death of her former neighbor, Frank Macomber. He was found dead in his stolen car that he bought for her. Pasztor stated to police that she believed that a Mexican cartel was stalking her during her court proceedings.

Pasztor was ordered to be evaluated by Dr. George Parker of Indiana Department of Corrections. The judge sealed the results of the second evaluation, but said she would not receive one until she was evaluated by a doctor. She will still be allowed to receive counseling and mental health treatment. Pasztor may be ordered to undergo an evaluation by a psychiatrist who is also a former Lake County prosecutor.

The court ruled Amber Pasztor was mentally ill. She admitted to killing Liliana Hernandez, seven-year-old, and Rene Pasztor (6-years-old) in Fort Wayne, Indiana on September 26, 2016. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Frank Macomber, when she abducted her children. The children were safe at the home of their family, but Pasztor allegedly smothered them and called the police.

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