Angela Vannice

Angela Vannice – The Wife of Baseball Player Johnny Damon

Angela Vannice has not hesitated to stand up for her marriage to baseball player Johnny Damon and withstood any blowback after Damon publicly insulted her in his book.

She currently resides with her husband in Windermere, Florida, and together they share six children — twins Jackson and Madelyn as well as stepdaughters from his first wife’s side of the family.

Early Life and Education

Angela Vannice was married to Boston Red Sox player Johnny Damon for 10 years before they divorced in 2002 and began dating Michelle Mangan instead. Damon eventually wrote a book admitting multiple affairs; after their separation he started living together in Windermere Florida with Mangan where they have six children together as well as another daughter from his prior relationship.

Professional Career

Vannice has spent her professional career serving as both office director and real estate agent, in addition to being a much sought-after public speaker on topics including financial independence, family matters and business strategies.

Johnny Damon was an MLB outfielder from 1996-99 and they have two daughters together; Madelyn and Madelynne. At present, the couple reside in Windermere, Florida.

Damon had an outstanding Major League Baseball career before retiring in 2012. He earned two World Series Championship rings while with both Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees; during this time he was well known for his speed and batting abilities as well as making multiple All-Star appearances and earning millions in contracts over his time in baseball.

Personal Life

Social media user, she frequently posts photos of herself and her family to her Instagram account. She has six children: Devon Rose, Danica Rayne, Dasha, Dreanna and Jackson as well as being stepmother to two sons from former husband Johnny Damon who play baseball.

Vannice married two-time World Series champion Kevin Vannice as high school sweethearts in 1992 and had twin boys and one girl before divorcing in 2002.

He then met Michelle Mangan and they married in 2004. Although he admitted cheating during their marriage, his relationship with Mangan ended as soon as he discovered her affair with another man. They now reside in Windermere, Florida.

Net Worth

Angela Vannice is married to two-time World Series Champion Johnny Damon. Additionally, she serves as stepmother to Jackson and Madelyn from his first marriage with Angie Vannice. Johnny earned millions during his MLB career which ran from 1995 until 2012.

Vannice first met Damon at a restaurant in Houston while still married to Angela and expecting twins; two years later he divorced Angela and married Mangan, currently living together in Windermere Florida.

Vannice has made numerous films during her career, such as “Green Lantern”, “Jumping the Broom”, and “Olympus Has Fallen”. Additionally, she has appeared in several television shows and voice acting roles – her latest being an untitled comedy show for Netflix.

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