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Anne Walton Kroenke

Anne Walton is an American billionaire. She is best known as Sam Walton’s sister and is co-owner of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

She boasts an intriguing family history and lifestyle. Read on to gain more insight into her early life, education, professional career achievements and personal/private lives.

Early Life and Education

Anne is an accomplished business and nonprofit leader, possessing vast organizational transformation and team building expertise. She has spearheaded many projects such as founding global nonprofits like Seacology focusing on island ecology and marine environments as well as Rainforest Action Network which preserves forests and climate.

She specializes in providing leadership and executive recruitment services to organizations working in environmental, animal welfare, behavioral health and human services sectors. She has extensive experience collaborating with both clients and candidates to build highly effective teams at every level.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is deeply committed to her community and helping others. She volunteers at several non-profit organizations while spending quality time with her family – she currently resides in Electra, Texas with her husband and two children.

Professional Career

She has extensive board level experience working for fresh, grocery, own-label and branded businesses; thus enabling her to understand both commercial and financial complexities within this sector. Furthermore, she brings an analytical, consultative business approach in everything she does.

She serves on the Environment, Education and Home Region Program committees of the Walton Family Foundation – Sam Walton’s philanthropic arm – where she has experience working on education grants and data analysis. Prior to this role, she served as Director of Student Services at KIPP Denver Collegiate High School and Manager at SCORE! Tutoring Center.

She has successfully invested in numerous projects and business ventures since marrying Stan Kroenke of Electra, Texas in 2007. Together they own sports teams like the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche; she’s also an active philanthropist who regularly gives money away.

Achievement and Honors

Anne Walton is the granddaughter of Sam and Helen Walton and has become involved with various charity projects since early on in her life. Additionally, she works as an advisor to nonprofit organizations helping them with strategic planning, funder/grantee relationships and organizational transitions – while serving on several board memberships such as KIPP Foundation and The Aspen Institute.

Jennifer founded and endowed two named scholarships at the Walton College of Business of the University of Arkansas, earning herself their 2013 Citation of Distinguished Alumni Award as well as twice giving commencement speeches at their commencement ceremonies.

She has long been recognized for her liberal politics and generous donations to Democrat candidates such as former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper – including giving $5,600 in 2019 alone for his campaign. Additionally, she contributed generously to Shared Purpose, an advocacy PAC supporting liberal politicians.

Personal Life

Anne Walton has made millions, yet still finds time and resources for various non-profit projects. She believes education is key for children’s success and thus supports various educational projects.

Charity work from Ms. Karu also extends to wildlife conservation, where she has spearheaded several projects that help maintain Kenyan lion populations. Furthermore, she supports various initiatives providing care and assistance for underserved individuals and families through behavioral health and human services programs.

Anne Kroenke is married to Stan Kroenke and they own various sports teams together including Los Angeles Rams, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Arsenal Football Club in England. Together they reside in Kansas City Missouri.

Net Worth

Ann Walton Kroenke is an iconic American heiress and businesswoman who currently stands at $9.1 billion. Most of her wealth is generated from owning shares in Walmart – one of the world’s leading retail chains – while she also owns Aquila – which she purchased for $150 million back in 2014.

She is the daughter of Bud Walton, who helped Sam build Walmart into an international retail giant. After her father passed away in 1995, she inherited his shares in the business.

Ann Kroenke lives with her husband, Stan Kroenke, in Columbia, Missouri. Through their Kroenke Sports & Entertainment company they own several franchises including Los Angeles Rams, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Arsenal Football Club in England.

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