Ant Glizzy Net Worth

Ant Glizzy was born February 28, 1992 and rose to fame through SoundCloud. Since then he has collaborated with renowned artists, such as Lightshow.

Aspiring youth from Southeast Washington, D.C. He lives with his mother, grandmother and older brother Shy GLizzy – his life has been marked by hardship but never without joy!

Early Life and Education

Glizzy was born on 28th February 1992 and raised on 37th Avenue in southeast Washington, DC. He is the younger brother of popular rapper Shy GLizzy and raised by his mother Barbara Amonte and grandmother after his father, George Amonte passed away when only 19 years old.

The two brothers enjoy an excellent relationship and both read Quran. Soon thereafter, they began writing rap lyrics jointly before performing onstage as part of their Glizzy Gang crew.

Ant Glizzy rose to fame upon the release of his hit singles on SoundCloud. His songs such as Having Fun and Computers Freestyle have amassed thousands of plays on the platform since January 2013; two years later he joined Twitter and released his debut mixtape Barbara Son.

Professional Career

Ant Glizzy is an internationally renowned celebrity who has achieved immense success throughout his career. Known around the globe, he boasts an enormous fan base. This success can be attributed to hard work and determination on his part; along with having multiple revenue streams that contribute to his massive wealth.

He is best-known for his music that captures the struggles of street life in Southeast DC, drawing inspiration from his challenging upbringing there. Additionally, his lyrics serve to encourage others to pursue their goals.

He launched his career in hip-hop by participating in local rap battles and freestyle sessions, eventually going on to produce several hit songs such as Computers Freestyle and Having Fun. Furthermore, he is the younger brother of Grammy nominated rapper Shy Glizzy.

Achievement and Honors

Ant Glizzy is an internationally acclaimed rapper who has found great success in rap music. Known for his versatility and ability to blend different musical styles, he draws his motivation from his upbringing in Southeast Washington DC – which he uses his music to inspire others through.

He began his career in 2011 and formed the Glizzy Gang with his brother. They released their first mixtape “No Brainer” that same year.

His popularity increased rapidly with the release of two hit singles on SoundCloud: “Computers Freestyle” and “Having Fun”. Lightshow, his younger brother rapper Shy Glizzy has collaborated with numerous artists and producers such as Lightshow. Lightshow also won multiple awards for his hard work. He is well known for his dedication and hard work.

Personal Life

Personal life for him includes living with his mom and grandmother; both he and his brother are deeply committed Muslims who adhere to their faith.

Glizzy was born and raised in Southeast Washington DC’s Sursum Corda housing project after his father was shot and killed when only 19 years old; therefore his mother and grandmother raised both him and his younger brother independently.

Glizzy began his rapping career through SoundCloud, quickly gathering an audience. In 2015 he released Barbara Son and two years later released Barbara Son 2. Since then he has collaborated with other rappers and producers such as Lightshow. Glizzy maintains an intensive work ethic to constantly better his music while engaging with fans through social media with behind-the-scenes glimpses into his life as an artist.

Net Worth

Glizzy has earned his spot as an influential artist in hip-hop through his music. As Shy Glizzy’s younger sibling and collaborator with other artists including Lightshow, his popularity on social media platforms helps propel him through his career path.

He is best known for his unique style and lyrics, striving to be as honest as possible with each song written, and often touching upon sensitive topics in them. He holds close ties with his mother – the person responsible for inspiring his first mixtape release.

He instead spends his money wisely by investing it in his career – as an accomplished rapper who has managed to build up quite an impressive savings account through his work.

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