Arctic Cat Riot

Arctic Cat Riot Snowmobile

The Arctic Cat Riot is a crossover snowmobile that combines elements of the Mountain Cat and ZR lines. It will be offered in two different configurations, each tailored to a different set of needs. The Riot 8000 has one ski for on-trail riding and one for off-trail riding. Forged aluminum spindles are used in the new front suspension of the Riot ARS II. Arctic Cat is not the only brand to offer a cross-sled.

The Arctic Cat Riot is built on a 49-inch chassis. It measures 132 inches in length. G2 ProClimb skis measure 7.0 inches in width and are made for deep snow performance. The Riot’s wear bars are molded from aluminum and incorporate carbide for added rigidity. It has an octane minimum rating of 91. The Riot has a dual-stage injection fuel delivery system.

The new Arctic Cat Riot will feature a cross-action suspension that features an uncoupled rear and slide-action front arms. It will also offer optional Interactive Arctic Cat Technology. The Riot comes with a 146-inch Cobra track and a choice of 1.35 or 1.6-inch paddles. You can even order a Riot X with an ATAC system. This will allow for you to adjust the steering column easily.

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