Arctic Fox Plush

Arctic Fox Plush

An Arctic Fox plush will make a great gift for your children or yourself. This adorable creature features soft, fluffy white fur and is made from top quality materials. For safety and security, the body is filled with poly bean stuffing. It is double-bagged. The eyes are secured with lock washers and the stuffed animal displays a lifelike expression.

A stuffed Arctic Fox is the perfect toy for introducing your children to the animal kingdom. It is made from soft fibers and will be a great companion for the night. These adorable stuffed animals are great gifts for children of all ages. They come in many sizes and styles. The Yuki Arctic Fox is approximately 10 inches tall and 33 inches long. It is recommended for children aged three and above.

A needle-felted arctic Fox can be purchased for your child if he loves foxes. This handmade toy is made of 100% wool and features glass eyes and polymer clay. The body is made of soft white faux fur. You can also get the polar fox in a baby-size version. These adorable stuffed animals come in a baby size. They are made with faux fur and have glass eyes.

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