Are Fez And Lexi Dating In Real Life

Are Fez and Lexi Dating in Real Life?

Were Fez and Lexi dating in real life? The actors have been flirting with each other on the set of the TV show for several months. They may be dating, even though they don’t share much in common. They met on New Year’s Eve at a party. Fez beat Nate while Lexi was trying find Cassie. Before Fez beat Nate, they even exchanged their phone numbers.

The second season is in the works and fans are eagerly awaiting it. The show’s newest season will feature several more scenes featuring Fez and Lexi. Although it is impossible to confirm that the two are in fact dating, fans can’t help feeling that they are merely playing up the rumors. PEOPLE’s daily newsletter has the latest on the hottest celebrities, as well as compelling human interest stories.

Fez and Lexi have been together on numerous occasions. Maude Apatow played Lexi and Angus Cloud played Fez. They shared photos on Instagram with the hashtag #Fexi to refer to the ship names of the characters. Fans have also speculated that Angus Cloud and Lexi are dating in real life. Although it’s hard to know for certain, the pair seem happy together.

Fez’s love life can also be confirmed by the fact he has served three British monarchs. He was even known to bring 818 Tequila to a party and he’s a total natural. While Fez may not have the chemistry that Lexi does, he’s still a perfect match for the actress who played Fez in the first season.

The actor who plays Fez on the show is also dating the actress Maude Apatow. Both actors have been in relationships in the past but keep their relationships very private. Maude also shared her relationship to Charlie Christie, her talent manager. As for Maude and Angus Cloud, they’re just friends. But that’s no reason to worry. These actors have their own dating histories and are not actually dating.

Fex’s new relationship with Lexi is an implication of a crush. She shows jealous expressions when Rue and Jules are together. In the second season, Lexi asked Cassie for advice about hooking up. She replied with “do whatever the fuckyou want.” Though, Lexi doesn’t mention the word “hookup,” there is no doubt that she was attempting to ask Rue out for a date.

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