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Ashley Petta Makes Money With Instagram

You may have seen her recent posts if you follow Ashley Petta on Instagram. She recently announced the birth of her second child, a daughter named Vaeda Marie. She and her husband, actor Anthony D’Amico, met on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight back in 2016. Mila, their daughter, was already born to the couple. The couple’s latest post expressed their happiness to become parents.

Ashley also shares the most precious moments with her daughters in Instagram posts. She captioned a picture of her 13-month-old daughter with singer Robin Thicke in pink overalls. Ashley Petta also shared a photo with her daughter Mila and Anthony D’Amico. They met on the Lifetime reality series Married at First Sight. Her daughter’s adorable outfits are sure to make her fans jealous.

Ashley Petta might not have disclosed her net worth in interviews but she does make money from Instagram. The number of followers determines how much the ad costs. As a result, it is impossible to estimate the amount Ashley Petta earns on Instagram. However, she has given many interviews on making money with Facebook and Instagram. She also has a sister named Lauren. Lauren’s sister and Chris Petta, her brother-in-law are also involved in Married at First Sight. They have a daughter, Mila, and another child Vaeda Marie. Ashley Petta loves reading, photography, and learning new things.

Ashley Petta, a five-year-old actress, announced her pregnancy to her viewers on season five of Married at First Sight. They welcomed their first child together in January 2019.

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