Asian Attack Oakland

Eyewitness Video of Asian Attack in Oakland, California

A video of an alleged Asian attack in Oakland has been captured by eyewitnesses. A man who was working near 27th & Valdez saw three suspects jump out of a car before committing the attack. The victim was seen on the ground, struggling with two hooded men. The video also shows a car driving in the area honking and shouting, which is a sign that the suspects may be approaching.

The attack happened in April at a local grocery store and was a brutal assault on a 25-year-old Asian man. The victim was left in critical condition after the attack. The Oakland Police Department launched an investigation. Chan’s mother stated that she is upset about the incident and that the investigation is continuing. She wished that the man would have remained silent. Chan’s son, who is also an Asian American, said he was “deeply shocked” and hopes that his father’s family can find the perpetrators.

The suspect in the attack, James Lee Ramsey, was arrested and charged with felony assault and hate crime. He was on parole at the time of the attack and has since been revoked. Governor Gavin Newsom declared an emergency in Oakland following Chan’s attack and increased the police presence in the area. The FBI has also stepped up its efforts to help local police investigate and protect Oakland residents.

Oakland residents are taking a stand for their Asian-American neighbors. Recent attacks on older Asian Americans were fueled by xenophobic scapegoating, and racist disinformation. Fears of new attacks have been fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this growing public outrage, local authorities are working to help the community heal. And the city has responded in a unique way.

The incident was caught on video, and the footage was later shared by an ABC7 San Francisco journalist. A bystander punched the attacker, causing him to fall against a sidewalk sign. After the journalist shared the video on Instagram and Twitter, it gained widespread attention. While no arrests have been made, the community’s leaders are preparing to hold town hall meetings in both Oakland and San Francisco to discuss the incident.

Since the spring of 2020, anti-Asian crimes in Oakland have increased. Over nine thousand hate incidents against Asians have been documented by the Stop AAPI Hate coalition. While these incidents are not crimes, they still warrant prosecution. But Oakland Police Department did not file a single case of anti-Asian violence last year. They are currently investigating whether the incident was deliberate and if it could be avoided. The investigation is ongoing.

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