Asian Lips

Asian Lips

In the US, Japan, and Korea, full lips are the latest fashion statement. While Americans prefer full lips, Asian women are more interested in natural lip volume. The contrasting ideals of beauty in Asia and the US have created exciting opportunities for product innovation and communication. Various new products are available for Asian women to achieve full lips with a natural look, blurred foundation, and high-shine volume.

Oh et. al. recently evaluated the anthropometric measurements for the most beautiful lips. In this study, the most attractive lips were smaller in volume and thinner in the midline and paramedian area. These results are consistent with those of Ioi and colleagues6. While many Asian women enjoy the appearance of larger lips, they appear to tolerate them. Asian women are not as sensitive about their lips as other ethnic groups, however.

Lip augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure, but the literature does not accurately measure Asian lips. Caucasians and Asians have very different lips sizes, which can make a more dramatic procedure more comfortable. Lip size and shape are highly individual, and different ethnicities have different ideals. When choosing a surgeon, be sure to consider the patient’s ethnic background, anatomy, and desired results before making any decisions.

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