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Thomas has always loved scenic hiking. She and her family often visit Arkansas’ national parks, volunteering vaccines to children at UAMS. Additionally, Thomas’ husband Tony serves as CEO of voice and data communications service provider Windstream Holdings.

Early Life and Education

Audra Thomas, a stocky fifth grader with long locks who enjoyed country music and sports, was typically cheerful but determined, often seen smiling in photographs from that era.

After she fell from a swing and hit her head in 1996, however, her mind seemed to begin regressing. Her parents took her to the Mayo Clinic for MRIs and brain scans, and after some days the doctor told them that she was crazy and began wiggling his fingers over her head in circles while telling them so.

Doctors had diagnosed Audra with conversion disorder, a neurological condition which can make one believe they have physical injuries such as blindness or deafness despite not actually experiencing them. Audra did not suffer either injury; yet her disorder made life miserable.

Professional Career

Audra McDonald has earned several accolades and nominations for both her acting and singing. In addition, she is well-known television personality as well as having performed in several Broadway shows including Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill for which she received a Primetime Emmy Award.

Audra has lived her entire life in Florida, building strong ties to local governments across Martin, St Lucie, Indian River and Palm Beach Counties. She excels at navigating their complex bureaucracies while working closely with state agencies such as South Florida Water Management District / Special Drainage Districts/ Army Corp of Engineers/ Florida Department of Transportation etc.

She specializes in complex litigation and family law matters, such as divorce, legal separation, complex spousal maintenance payments, property valuation, paternity proceedings, custody/parenting time/child support determinations/modifications as well as Pre/Postnuptial Agreements/modifications.

Achievement and Honors

Audra McDonald stands alone as an artist of unparalleled breadth and versatility, possessing an uncanny ability for dramatic truth-telling that has earned her six Tony Awards, two Grammys, and an Emmy. She regularly sings concerts with some of the world’s leading orchestras as well as recording multiple critically-acclaimed albums.

As one of Broadway’s premier performers, she won her first Tony for A Raisin in the Sun and went on to receive four more nominations – Marie Christine, 110 in the Shade and The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess were all nominations – before becoming history by becoming the first performer to claim six Tony Awards – this time as leading actress category winner with Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill portrayal of jazz singer Billie Holiday.

Personal Life

Audra Thomas and her husband Tony are parents to two children. Audra is an avid sports fan who enjoys spending time at the beach with her family. Additionally, Audra is very interested in the arts and regularly attends Broadway shows and concerts.

Audra was a stocky fifth-grader with long hair and glasses who was generally cheerful yet stubborn. She loved sports and country music; photos taken during that period show her with an expansive smile.

But that winter, she fell off a swing and hit her head, prompting a visit to a hospital, where doctors advised her that physically she was fine, yet speculated that conversion disorder may have occurred, which is a condition in which trauma triggers parts of your brain to simulate symptoms associated with illness like blindness.

Net Worth

Calculating net worth requires compiling an inventory of all of your assets – such as stocks, real estate and savings accounts. After this step is complete, subtract out any liabilities from the total value of assets held.

Audra Thomas not only acts on stage but she’s also involved in Arkansas charities. She serves on the Arkansas Food Bank board and its Empty Bowls event committee, volunteering for organizations like Nature Conservancy Arkansas and Goodwill Industries of Arkansas.

Tony, her husband, is CEO of Windstream Telecommunications Company – an offspring of Alltel. With 11,000 employees under his control and managing America’s fifth-largest fiber network – which allows them to deliver gigabit services over long distances at much faster speeds than competitors – Tony has been managing Windstream for more than 30 years, often serving as guest speakers at industry events.

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